A New Series On Channel 5 - CAMOKAKIS: Whole Lot Fall In!, Gives An Inside Peek Into SAF Training

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‚ÄúCAMOKAKIS: Whole Lot Fall In!‚ÄĚ is a reality-show on Channel 5 that gives a peek into the training of the Singapore Armed Forces.¬†

Dates: From 28 Sep, Weds 8 pm

Airing every Wednesday at 8pm (SGT) on Mediacorp Channel 5, ‚ÄúCAMOKAKIS: Whole Lot Fall In!‚Ä̬† is a 13-episode action-packed series that gives¬†a peek of what every Singaporean son experiences during NS, as celebrity guests battle it out, in a series of SAF-related challenges. Get a taste of what happens in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, for soldiers to become a part of SAF‚Äôs highly professional fighting force.

Led By Paul Foster and Laanya Ezra

Led by two hardy yet playful team leaders, Paul Foster and Laanya Ezra, the series features 42 local celebrities including ‚ÄúAh Boys To Men‚ÄĚ cast¬†Joshua Tan, 88.3JIA DJ Ben Lee, MICappella singer and Music & Drama Company‚Äôs artiste Juni Goh; and social media influencers Munah Bagharib, Tasha Low, and Tiong Jia En.¬†The adrenaline-packed, humour-filled variety series will bring back fond memories for national servicemen and their families, and provide your kids with a peek into a soldier‚Äôs life .

Taking Part In Various Challenges

In the series, celebrities are put through serious training before they embark on any challenge. Watch them sweat it out as they brave challenges they‚Äôve never ever experienced before ‚Äď from navigating a Bomb Suit Obstacle Course clad in 27kg of gear and saving a ‚Äúlife‚ÄĚ in a helicopter-assisted evacuation to undertaking a modified maritime assault course. And don‚Äôt miss the¬†10,000 feet tandem jump that our artistes never expected!¬†

Premieres from 28 Sep 2022

‚ÄúCAMOKAKIS: Whole Lot Fall In!‚Ä̬†premieres on 28 September 2022, airing weekly on Wednesdays at 8pm (SGT) on Channel 5 on Mediacorp, until 21 December 2022




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