A Guide to Teaching Your Kids & Parents About COVID-19 | Coronavirus 2019

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With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus and the raising of DORSCON to Orange alert, it is understandable that parents worry about children and feel on the edge. While the current status may sound daunting, your little ones might end up catching on your worry and cause them anxiety. The same with your parents. 

Coronavirus DORSCON Orange

Instead, here are some ways you can talk to your little ones and your parents about the virus, and educate them on good personal hygiene. 

Coronavirus and the Precautions that You Can Take

Coronavirus and the Precautions that You Can Take
Source: News Corp Australia

Talking to Kids

Depending on how old your kids are, they may or may not understand how the virus spreads. Break it down to their level and explain that they're not going to get sick suddenly and teach them about how they can keep healthy--such as washing their hands. 


Make Washing Hands Fun

Sometimes getting little ones to do something can turn out to be quite a task, even washing hands for health reasons. One way you can get them to do it, is to take this monotonous task and make it seem more fun. 

Here's how one school managed it! 

Source: Ministry of Education/Facebook

Or if you are looking for something more catchy, why not share this video from Cartoon Network with the little ones? 

and finally, even Baby Shark has gotten involved in getting your little ones to wash their hands too! Check this video out, doo doo doo...

Talking to Parents

Do you have parents who only speak in dialects? Maybe you can let them learn about the Wuhan Coronavirus and the Precautions they can take in a dialect they can understand.

Below are videos in Singapore Hokkien, Cantonese and Teochew, respectively, that you may find helpful. 

Source: Learn Dialect

Source: Learn Dialect

Source: Learn Dialect

If you need some clarifications for yourself, check-in with WHO. They've answered questions such as 'What is a coronavirus', 'What can I do to protect myself', and 'Who catch this virus'.

How do you teach your little ones about the virus and instill the habit of washing their hands? Share with us!


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