5 Family-friendly Shows by BBC Studios to Watch this March

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Go on a journey of discovery with your kids this March as BBC Studios presents a slew of educational and entertaining series for the family to enjoy. 

Follow the daily challenges of life in Alaska, visit some of Britain's beautiful coastal destinations, and uncover tiny and fascinating creatures together with your little ones from home! 

Here's a look at 5 family-friendly shows by BBC Studios this March. 

1. Life Below Zero Series 9

Image credits: BBC Studios

Premieres Sunday, 20 March at 8.05 pm
BBC Earth - StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player | Singtel channel 203

The relentless daily challenges of life in Alaska continue. More gripping adventures of the resilient characters surviving the punishing environment of the frozen North, as a new season of change and unpredictability in the unforgiving Arctic brings unique threats for the Alaskans.

A lone wolf stalks Sue’s camp. Jessie Holmes must set up a remote camp. Along the unforgiving Yukon river, Andy and Denise strive to create new power sources. And Ricko brings his young children to the bush in order to teach them the intense lifestyle he learned from his Athabaskan ancestors.

2. Australia's Health Revolution with Michael Mosley

Image credits: BBC Studios

Premieres Tuesday, 29 March at 9.55 pm
BBC Earth - StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player | Singtel channel 203

Could a radical, science-backed new diet be the key to controlling Australia’s diabetes epidemic? Doctor Michael Mosley and exercise physiologist Ray Kelly challenge people living with type 2 diabetes to try a diet that can reduce symptoms of the disease in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, Michael takes on a diet of sugary carbs and saturated fats to reveal how processed foods affect our bodies. Armed with evidence, Michael and Ray take their fight on the road, finishing up in the seat of power - Parliament House. Will their efforts be enough to revolutionise the health of a nation?

3. Kate Humble’s Coastal Britain Series 1

Image credits: Abacus Media Rights

Premieres Tuesday, 15 March at 9 pm
BBC Earth - StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player | Singtel channel 203

Join Kate Humble on foot as she visits some of Britain's beautiful coastal destinations.

4. Animals with Cameras Series 2

Premieres Thursday, 17 January at 8.05 pm
BBC Earth - StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player | Singtel channel 203

Animals with Cameras Series 2 is back on BBC Earth this February as hidden cameras continue to help scientists answer questions about the secret lives of iconic animals when they wander out of sight.

In this series, animals capture unique footage about their own unseen lives using discreet and lightweight devices. Explore the mysterious lives of sharks, elephant seals and turtles – and take to the air with a squadron of gannets. And in Australia, cameras reveal the curious lives of flying foxes, koalas and kangaroos. unique footage is captured by discreet and lightweight devices.

Along the way, scientists, experts and tech specialists join Gordon Buchanan to study the footage, revealing extraordinary discoveries about these animals’ fascinating lives whilst helping scientists better protect wildlife

5. My Pet and Me: Teeny Tiny Creatures Series 2

Premieres Monday, 28 March at 8.15 pm
CBeebies - StarHub channel 303 and BBC Player | Singtel channel 236

Teeny Tiny Creatures returns for a second series! Rory and his son Sandy uncover even more fascinating bugs and beasties, while our new friend Chantelle discovers how the incredible mini-beasts help us and the planet!

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