BBC Earth Magazine Subscription
BBC Earth Magazine Subscription
BBC Earth Magazine Subscription
BBC Earth Magazine Subscription
BBC Earth Magazine Subscription
BBC Earth Magazine Subscription

BBC Earth

BBC Earth Magazine Subscription

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Subscribe to the BBC Earth Magazine Subscription at just $79 for 1 year (6 issues) or $140 for 2 years (12 issues)! 

A century ago, Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered. But even today, controversy still rages over whether it contains undiscovered chambers. Here, an Egyptologist puts the rumours to bed… or, rather, firmly into their sarcophagus. This, and more, in Volume 15 Issue 1 of BBC Earth.

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BBC Earth Magazine

The BBC Earth Magazine is a bimonthly issue under the reputable BBC Earth Channel containing a feast of information for the curious mind.

Every issue is packed with fascinating images, thought-provoking and entertaining articles about the world around us, the natural life that populates it, the history that has shaped our existence upon it, and the science that has driven it and continues to propel us into the future. 

The title focuses on the topics of Science, Nature and History. 

Key Sections

  1. Snapshots - Features three stunning images from each of the three main topics: SCIENCE, NATURE and HISTORY.
  2. Updates: The Latest Intelligence - Shares and highlights new and exciting forms of technology and innovations.
  3. World News - Gives readers information on current affairs. Will be split into REVIEW, COMMENT and ANALYSIS. This section is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for students as it provides the necessary content that they can use in their essay writing.
  4. Discoveries - Updates on the latest scientific discoveries.
  5. Features - Main articles that focus on the topics of SCIENCE, NATURE and HISTORY. Selected articles also come with an audio reader, which allows readers to listen to the article as they read.
  6. Do You Know - Burning questions by readers are answered by experts in the field. Useful for those who have not yet cultivated a good reading habit as the segment is able to create curiosity in readers.
  7. Brain Test- Includes crossword puzzles.
  8. A Scientist's Guide to Life - Scientists provide readers advice on various topics (e.g. on health, fitness, lifestyle) to improve daily habits and overall quality of life
  9. Comment - Features more argumentative or opinion-based articles, which help to teach students how to structure their own argumentative essays.

Subscribers will also get access to an additional online resource, Worksheet, an incredibly useful educational resource for students and to encourage reading while also fostering a sense of curiosity and eagerness to learn more.

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