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Endau-Rompin National Park – One of World’s Oldest Tropical Rainforest

Endau-Rompin, one of the world's oldest tropical rainforest, possess an undisturbed natural landscape that is bound to steal anyone's breath away. The vast national park is home to wildlife such as Sumatran rhinoceros, white-handed gibbon, Malaysian tiger, Asian elephant, wild boar, tapir, deer, leopards, and long-tailed macques. Although, with the park extending over 100 square kilometres, spotting wildlife roaming is very rare. You’re more likely to come across birds, snakes, fishes, frogs, insects and other creepy crawlies. Source The park’s flora is just as exotic as its fauna, ranging from vivid orchids to medicinal plants and fan palm trees. This tropical rainforest also houses some of the some picturesque waterfalls and tranquil lakes that look otherworldly. The adventurous will find...

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