UNIQLO Singapore Holds Its First UT Fan Festival 2022 In Celebration Of UT’s 20th Anniversary

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The Festival will be held at Orchard Central Global Flagship Store from 29 July to 7 August 2022 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNIQLO's graphic T-shirt brand.

Venue: Orchard Central Global Flagship Store
Date: 29 Jul to 7 Aug 2022

UNIQLO first launched its UT brand in 2003, conceived from the idea that T-shirts could serve as a canvas for art and individual expression. Presenting cultures from the realms of art, music, film and more, UT has seen a trove of collaborations with globally renowned artists and brands to excite fans. In recent years, the UT brand has expanded its lineup beyond the humble T-shirt into sweats, homewear, accessories and more.

A manifestation of this belief, the UT Fan Festival 2022 presents a lineup of news and activities in collaboration with some of Singapore’s homegrown collaborators to celebrate UT’s spirit of culture and expression, including new UT collections and iconic favourites.

Create Your World

Bringing back two of UNIQLO Singapore’s past collaborators for UTme!, shoppers can express their creativity with in-store activities and novelties by Toby Tan (@tobyato) and Cruddy (@crudddddy).

Stencil Party by Toby Tan

Venue: Orchard Central Global Flagship Store
Date: 30 to 31 Jul 2022
Time: 1pm to 8pm

Get your favourite UNIQLO T-shirt or eco tote-bag stencilled with UT-exclusive designs by @tobyato.

*Open to walk-in UNIQLO shoppers, with any same-day purchase of a UNIQLO T-shirt or eco tote-bag to be stencilled. 

Stencil Workshop by Toby Tan

Venue: Orchard Central Global Flagship Store
Date: 6 to 7 Aug 2022 | Online registration opens from 21 Jul 2022 onwards
Time: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Learn how to create unique stencils with @tobyato and customise a UNIQLO eco tote-bag of your own.

Portrait Doodles by Cruddy

Venue: Orchard Central Global Flagship Store
Date: 30 to 31 Jul 2022 & 6 to 7 Aug 2022
Time: 1pm to 8pm

Enjoy a quirky caricature portrait, doodled by the good folks at @crudddddy.

*Open to walk-in UNIQLO shoppers, with any same-day purchase. No minimum spend.

[APP Member Exclusive] Special Gift: Motel Tag Keychain

Venue: All physical stores, excluding online store 
Date: 29 Jul to 7 Aug 2022

Purchase one original-priced UT in-stores from 29 July to 7 Aug 2022, and get to enjoy a commemorative UT Wear Your World motel tag keychain (with 2 designs by @tobyato and @crudddddy to choose from).

*While stocks last. Limited to one redemption per customer.

Explore Your World

Discover the joys of UT and uncover cultures you never knew existed at the UT Magazine Kiosk and the launch of new UT collections and iconic favourites.

Free UT magazine

Shoppers are invited to pick up a complimentary copy of the UT magazine and flip through curated culture stories; interviews with creators and collaborators, the latest product news, fashion stories and more. The magazine will be available across all stores, with a digital version available online.

Relaunch Of Well-Loved, Timeless UT Designs

Launch Date: Aug to Sep 2022

UNIQLO revives some of its most legendary styles in the 20th UT Archive collection, set to launch from August and September 2022. The project will re-launch a collection of UTs from its releases over the past two decades in recognition of their timeless appeal.

The 17 designs selected from the UT archives showcase the solid foundations of this LifeWear, grounded in global pop culture. Designs include a 2003 UT with graphic art from Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as a 2006 Black Jack UT with art from Osamu Tezuka, and a 2009 UT commemorating the immensely popular Street Fighter video game series. Loyal fans now have a second chance to snag these wildly popular crowd favourites that paid tribute to key cultural milestones when they were first introduced.

Other collections relaunched include:

  • UTs by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring (selected stores)

Release Of New UT Collections

Beyond bringing back iconic collections, UNIQLO will debut new UT collections that nod to well-loved pop culture contents.

  • Mickey & Friends Art By Steven Harrington¬†

Availability: Now

Steven Harrington is an artist living in Los Angeles, USA. These UT original designs colourfully depict Disney characters from a unique perspective through his richly imaginative magic. 

  • Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary

Availability: From 11 Jul 2022

The character designs and visuals that make up the world of FINAL FANTASY are featured in this limited edition T-shirt collection. 

  • Peanuts x Reyn Spooner

Availability: mid July

Infused with the spirit of Aloha, a collaboration with Reyn Spooner and PEANUTS introduces Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang enjoying Hawaii. 

  • Minecraft

Availability: early August

The world of Minecraft is packed with friends, foes and infinite possibilities. Brave adventurers, relaxed crafters and ingenious engineers will all feel at home in this unique, blocky landscape. 

Customise Your World

UTme! T-Shirt Customisation Service

Venue: Orchard Central Global Flagship store

Exclusively at the Orchard Central Global Flagship store, the widely popular UTme! T-shirt customisation service has allowed shoppers to express their individuality by printing one-of-a-kind designs on UNIQLO’s iconic T-shirts.

UTme! Collections By Local Collaborators

Photo Credits: UNIQLO 

Since its inception, UNIQLO Singapore has had the honour of partnering a growing community of collaborators for its local collections, including wheniwasfour, woodandlead, lovage & kennethsbw, troopsonprint and more. Check out these highlights and an upcoming partnership with SGAG to celebrate the Singaporean in you this National Day. Bring home a customised T-shirt with these designs at the UTme! station.

For more information, check out the UT Fan Festival 2022 special site.


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