Experience Not One but TWO Supermoons in August!

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There will be 2 Supermoon experiences from Singapore in August! 

Dates: 1 and 31 Aug 2023

In the month of August, Singaporeans will be able to witness two Supermoons - a phenomenon that occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to our planet, making the moon appear larger and brighter than usual. 

The Sturgeon Moon

The first Supermoon is called the Sturgeon Moon and will be visible in Singapore on August 1. The Sturgeon Moon will be the second closest Supermoon to our planet this year (out of four Supermoons in 2023), with a distance of 357,581km from Earth at its nearest point.

The Sturgeon Moon will begin rising at 7:00pm on August 1, approximately from the Southeast direction and should be at an appreciable height 9:00pm onwards in Singapore.

The Blue Moon

The second Supermoon is called the Blue Moon and will be visible in Singapore on August 31. The Blue Moon is expected to be the brightest and closest Supermoon to the Earth this year. At its nearest point, the Blue Moon will be 357,182km from Earth. 

The Blue Moon will begin rising at 7:34pm on August 31, approximately from
the East direction. The Moon may be at an appreciable height for viewing in Singapore 9:00pm onwards.

The Blue Moon is Not Blue

The Blue Moon is not blue in colour. The term refers to the second Full Moon in a month and does not refer to the colour of the moon. 

However, there are instances when the moon has appeared to be blue! While it may be very rare for a Blue Moon to appear blue, there are times when it can appear so due to the water droplets in the air, certain types of clouds, or particles thrown into the atmosphere by natural catastrophes such as volcanic ash and smoke.

Where are the best places to view the August Supermoons?

Like most Full Moons, it will be easily visible anywhere in Singapore as long as the skies are clear and offer an unobstructed view. 

For a better and potentially elevated view of the Sturgeon Moon and the Blue Moon with panoramic views of the city skyline, visit open public areas like the Marina Barrage, East Coast Park and the Southern Ridges.

The next and  last Supermoon of the year called the Harvest Moon will be on September 29.


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