Things to do this Weekend: Book Review: Do Unto Otters – A Book about Manners

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Location: Owl Readers Club
24 hrs

Do Unto Otters – A Book about Manners

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Have you heard of the Golden Rule from the famous Socarates?

Here comes one with a twist and specially for children to aid them in commiting it to memory!

“Do unto otters as as you would have otters do unto you”

Do Unto Otters – A Book about Manners is an entertaining book for children (4 and above), offering them an interesting take on social graces.

A cleverly written book that features Mr Rabbit’s new neighbours, the Otters and how the animals learn to get along and live together despite their inherent differences. The story also explains the importance of apologizing when you are wrong and forgiving others when they apologize to you.

Comic-like illustrations with quips and quotes makes this a very engaging read for children.  Reading this with your little one(s) will also help to reinforce the message of the Golden Rule and maybe in our small little way, make ours a more gracious society!


Do Unto Otters – A Book about Manners is must-read book if you want your little one(s) to abide by the Golden Rule and Owl Readers Club is offering a massive 20% discount off this hardcover version when you apply the discount code “OWLBYKIDO20” at checkout.   

The promotion code expires end of July 2017 and as always is subject to book availability.


Till the next book review! Meanwhile, if you are interested in specially curated English and Chinese books for children under 7, remember to check us out at Owl Readers Club!

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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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