Things to do this Weekend: 4 Tips at when going to a Baby Fair!

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I tremble as I write this, the thought of going to a baby fair is pretty scary... as Super Mom is happening this weekend, I can only imagine the crowd, the people, the SQUEEZE... but the deals available are usually worth the squeeze (especially on diapers and milk powder). 

Super Mom Fair

If you are planning to go, here are a few things you should note / do (at any fair). 

1. Ask if anyone is already there 

Sometimes the deals are good, sometimes not so great, sometimes its not worth it at all. Ask around, maybe someone is already there. 

Its the social media age! Check out parenting groups on Facebook and do a shoutout, nothing to be shy about (or someone might have already asked). 

Looking for a parenting group? Our partner, ParentCode is an active Parenting group on Facebook with close to 10,000 members. Check there if you need help!

2. Check out the Fair's website! 

Let you know a secret (open secret)... any Baby's Fair no. 1 priority is to make you go to the fair.. whether they are interested if you buy something is open for debate. 

Because of this, check out the Fair's website for any special deals or discounts to attract you to attend the fair! 

See here for this week's Super Mom website. In particular, we notice the following that you might be interested beforehand

Super Mom

3. Do your Homework! 

It is a mad rush when you are at a fair, you do not want to stop and take out a calculator to start counting in the middle of the crowd, or be hoodwinked into buying something totally not worth it. 

Make a list of what you need, know how much you will be paying for them and aim for those first... along the way, you will get distracted by other deals but at least know what you want and how much you will get them for!

There will always be the "why did I buy those" items when you look back.

4. Go when its Off Peak timing

When is Off Peak? Honestly, for Baby Fairs apart from the before 4 pm on the first day (which is usually a Friday), any other time will seem to be full peak! 

For this, I will refer you back to point 1, and to ask around if a fair is pack before heading down! Some times, even if pack also must go...


These are just some tips and tricks that we learned over 5 years, 2 kids and multiple baby fairs. How about you? Do you have something to share? Tell us in the comments or on the Facebook post! 

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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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