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Things to do: Musical TARU (恐龙复活了!)

Location: Resorts World™ Theatre Date: 7 Dec 2018 – 13 Jan 2019 Hour: 2 pm | 8 pm Admission: From $30 What is happening? Siblings Nali and Gao Feng together with their friend Da Fa, find themselves in an unbelievable situation one night at the museum. Following a mysterious solar eclipse, the ancient residents of the museums come to live! But that’s not all, one half of the newest attraction—the fossil of a baby T-Rex, TARU, has gone missing! SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER TO GET WEEKLY UPDATES TO BRING YOUR KIDS OUT! Forming an unlikely partnership with the recently animated exhibits, including the other half of the newest attraction, the protective mother T-Rex, Nali, Gao Feng and Da Fa...

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Things to do this Weekend: Immerse Yourself in One Kind of Science Musical with Your Little Ones!

Location: Kids STOP Singapore Date: 28 Sept – 29 Sept | 2 Oct – 6 Oct 2018 Hour: 10.30 am – 12.00 pm | 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm Admission: $25 Suitable Ages: 8 yrs old and below What is happening? Singa the Lion and the kindness cubbies join hands with the five founders of KidsSTOP™ in a novel musical to show that kindness is a state of being. Little ones will discover simple scientific notions about kindness through engrossing drama and play. The songs, dance, lights and theatrics are sure to enrapture your little ones! SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER TODAY! IT IS THE DOOR TO UNFORGETTABLE WEEKENDS! When is it happening? 28 Sept 2018, Friday: 10.30 am –...

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