September and October Highlights From National Heritage Board For Families

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The National Heritage Board manages our museums and heritage centres, and here's a look at what's happening for families across the various venues!

Here's a round up of the various happenings at the National Heritage Board (NHB) venues for families in September and October. 

My Heritage on a Pin! (Mini clay art workshop)

Venue: Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery
Date: 11 September 2021
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Admission: $5

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Hawker Culture in Singapore is an integral part of life for Singaporeans. In fact, Hawker Culture was successfully inscribed as Singapore's first element on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural of Humanity on 16 December 2020! Do you have a favourite hawker food? Come join us for a fun afternoon where you’ll make mini versions of our delectable local dishes with air clay. All ages are welcome and you get to bring your creations home!

Dance with Us: Fun with Bhangra!

Venue: Online
Date: 12 September 2021
Time: 2.30pm – 3.30pm

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Originating in Punjab, bhangra was performed to celebrate the spring harvest and has since evolved into the energetic dance that it is today. Put on your dancing outfit and come join this expressive Zoom dance workshop fit for all experience levels! This workshop is open to all ages and will be conducted in English. Sign up today!

Introduction to Wushu

Venue: Online
Date: 18 September 2021
Time: 2.00pm – 3.30pm

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The martial art of wushu not only builds strength and agility, but also cultivates discipline and endurance. Join us in this introductory Zoom workshop to learn more about the history of this sport and put your wushu moves into practice! This workshop is open to all ages and will be conducted in English. Sign up today!

Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival Lawn Installation “Those Moonlit Moments ...”

Venue: Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall Outdoor Lawn
Date: Ongoing till 26 September 2021
Free admission

Produced by Thailand artist Boonyavee Boonsakda (Ngaew Ngaew), in collaboration with the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, “Those Moonlit Moments ...” is an outdoor installation of four large lanterns featuring the artist’s characters who are enjoying mooncakes and each other’s company under the gentle and watchful eye of Ngaew Ngaew’s Moon Rabbit, a character the artist created specially for the Mid-Autumn Festival and is inspired by the Jade Rabbit from Chinese folklore which keeps the goddess Chang’e company on the moon.

The installation represents our collective wish to be able to get together and reunite with our loved ones, both locally and overseas, without fear of COVID-19. It will be on display on the lawn of the memorial hall until 26 September 2021.

Singapore Philatelic Museum – Virtual Tour of Past Exhibitions



Singapore Philatelic Museum is closed for a major renovation and redevelopment till 2022. However, you can still have a peek at the museum’s past exhibitions from the comfort of your home! From permanent galleries that introduce the World of Philately to Singapore’s history and culture, and themed exhibitions ranging from The Little Prince, Shakespeare, Zodiac Animals and more!

Fun Activities for All! 



Check out these activities such as Stamp Jigsaw, Colouring Fun, Spot All 10 Differences, Join the Dots & Colour, Quizzes, Story Jumble and more!



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