ROUTES By Stamford Arts Centre | A Multi-Perspective Exploration Of Traditional Dance In Singapore

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The National Arts Council (NAC) is delighted to present ROUTES, a 360-degree immersive exhibition on the evolution of traditional dance through storytelling and immersive technology at the Stamford Arts Centre (SAC).

Photo Credit: National Arts Council

Venue: Stamford Arts Centre, 155 Waterloo Street, #01-05, Singapore 187962
Date: 1 Jul to 12 Sep 2021
Time: 9am to 10pm (last screening at 9.30pm), Daily
Fee: Free Admission

ROUTES unpacks local Chinese, Malay, and Indian traditional dance practices, and presents a reflection on the current traditional dance scene in Singapore. 

Here's what you can look forward to at ROUTES:

1. Exhibition

Photo Credit: National Arts Council

Embark on an immersive journey through the evolution of traditional dance in Singapore ‚Äď including a 20-minute self-guided video experience with informative narrations on the origins of traditional dance, and how these practices came to adopt a uniquely local flavour.

2. First-Person Accounts 

Photo Credit: National Arts Council

Anchored on stories from Singapore’s dance pioneers and practitioners, including Santha Bhaskar, Som Said, Lim Moi Kim, Cai Shiji, Raka Maitra, and Noramin Farid, ROUTES taps on their personal anecdotes and stories on the growth and preservation of the traditional dance scene in Singapore, as well as its continuity in the future.

Photo Credit: National Arts Council

The exhibition also explores the notion of contemporary, as classically trained practitioners continue pushing boundaries in interpretation and expression. Themes explored include: roots and identity, unpacking of traditional
dance, COVID-19, and the purpose of dance.

3. Life-Sized Holographic Mesh Projections

Photo Credit: National Arts Council

Showcasing traditional dance forms in Singapore, the exhibition enfolds visitors into a quasi-3D holographic experience that brings traditional dance to life.

For more information, please visit the SAC website here.


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