Compass One's Virtual Baby Bingo Crawl Contest | 5 x $100 Vouchers Up For Grabs!

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Put your toddlers‚Äô crawling skills to the test with¬†Compass One‚Äôs¬†first-ever AR baby crawl contest: ‚ÄėFastest Crawlers‚Äô!

Photo Credit: Compass One

Venue: Online
Date: 8 to 28 Mar 2021
Time: All day
Fee: Free

Interested parents can simply search for the Baby Bingo Crawl filter on Compass One’s Instagram page, position themselves 2 metres away and encourage their baby to crawl towards them while collecting as many milk bottles as he or she can within 30 seconds.

Contest Rules

Photo Credit: Compass One

  • Follow @compassonesg on IG.
  • Record an Instagram Story of your baby using the contest filter that's on our account.
  • Get him/her to crawl and collect as many milk bottles on the filer as he/she can within 30 secs.
  • Once done post the Story along with his/her name and age and tag @compassonesg.
  • Remember to set your Instagram account as public.
  • 5 fastest babies with the highest scores will win $100 Compass One vouchers each!
  • Babies have to be 7 to 14 months old as of 8 March 2021.
  • Parents can encourage crawling by using food/ toys but there should not be any physical contact at any point of time.

For more information, visit the website or e-mail


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