Get Up-Close To The Civets At The New Walk-In Civet Exhibit At The Night Safari

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This June, visitors can look forward to Night Safari’s first walk-in civet exhibit and the debut of the Brazilian Porcupine and Grey-handed Night Monkey.

Venue: Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826
Admission: Tickets to Night Safari Applies (check ticket pricing)

This June, Night Safari is proud to present its exciting new wildlife encounters along its walking trails, including a first-ever walk-in exhibit and the debut of two new unique nocturnal mammals. Let's take a closer look at what you can expect at Night Safari this June:

Get Up-Close At The Walk-In Civet Exhibition

Venue: Leopard Trail

Nestled in the Leopard Trail, the walk-in civet exhibit is the new home for seven Common Palm Civets and seven Small-toothed Palm Civets. Guests can explore the habitat which is abundant with trees, complemented by manmade vines and branches for the civets to showcase their natural climbing abilities. 

Civets ore arboreal species and spend most of their time in trees. For guests to be able to observe the civets’ feeding and foraging behaviours up close, feeders are strategically hung in areas near the walkways throughout the 677sqm habitat.

It is safe for guests to share the same unobstructed space with the civets and signs are up to remind guests not to touch or feed the animals. Visitors are also reminded to stay on the designated pathways.

Meet With Two New Species

Venue: Fishing Cat Trail

At the Fishing Cat Trail, two species new to Night Safari, the Brazilian Porcupine and Grey-handed Night Monkey will take up residence in the new mixed-species habitat featuring small arboreal mammals native to South America. 

The Brazilian Porcupine has a characteristic prehensile tail the length of its body that helps with its climbing abilities while the Grey-handed Night Monkey is one of the few true nocturnal monkeys in the world. The Kinkajou, a small mammal related to Raccoons and Coatimundis, will also be sharing the exhibit.

The new habitat on the Fishing Cat Trail has been furnished with dynamic climbing features, such as vines and swinging branches for the animals to exhibit their natural behaviours. Being in a mixed species habitat promotes cross interactions amongst the individuals and stimulates them mentally and physically.

For more information, you may visit the Mandai Wildlife Reserve website, Facebook and/or Instagram. 


Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group



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