Millenia Walk Celebrates Local And Regional Talents In The Creative Industry With The Launch Of Neighbourhood Socials

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Neighbourhood Socials will present a series of curated programmes every month between April and June at Millenia Walk.

Venue: Millenia Walk
Date: Apr to Jun 2023

Neighbourhood Socials

Photo Credit: Millenia Walk

In conjunction with World Creativity and Innovation Day, Millenia Walk will be launching its inaugural Neighbourhood Socials to celebrate local and regional talents in the creative industry by showcasing their stories of craft and passion in meaningful and intentional ways. Each month, between April to June, the mall will feature a new theme, aimed at fostering innovation and bringing communities together to share fresh perspectives over familiar interests. Neighbourhood Socials is organised by the Pontiac Land Group and part of the Millenia Walk’s Creative Neighbourhood campaign.

Here's taking a closer look at what you can look forward to at Millenia Walk this April:

Connect With The Coffee Community 

Neighbourhood Market

Date: now till 30 Apr 2023

This April, the campaign will launch a series of coffee-related lifestyle activities that will appeal to both coffee lovers and those who are looking for novel experiences. 

  • Brewing Good Times Pop-Up Market in collaboration with Whytespace

Photo Credit: Millenia Walk

Venue: The Great Hall
Date: 28 to 30 Apr 2023
Time: 11am to 8.30pm

Curate coffee moments in this weekend-only market. From local coffee roasts to vinyl records, handcrafted decor picks and reads - there’s something for everyone here.

Coffee Comforts

The best times involve simple pleasures like coffee and compelling conversations. Nourish your coffee game and your soul with a ‚Äėroaster‚Äô of workshops and activities.

  • Coffee for Your Skin & Soul by Bamboo Straw Girl at Kith Cafe

Photo Credit: Bamboo Straw Girl

Venue: Kith Cafe, #01-44
Date: 25 Apr 2023
Time: 7pm to 8pm 
Fee: $50

Bamboo Straw Girl gets you hands-on with sustainability-make amazingly exfoliating soap using Kith Cafe’s used coffee grounds, before tucking into a meal!

  • Sip & Savour: A Spirited Soiree at Highlander Bar

Photo Credit: Highlander Bar

Venue: Highlander Bar, #01-03
Date: 26 Apr 2023
Time: 7pm to 8pm 
Fee: $65

Dazzle your senses at Highlander Bar with a kaleidoscope of special premium cocktails including a tantalising coffee special, ensconced in extraordinary live music and lighting.

  • Coffee for our Community with Joe & Dough

Photo Credit: Joe & Dough

Venue: The Great Hall
Date: 29 Apr 2023
Time: 2pm 

Let these experts elevate your coffee game with curated activities including their coffee bean showcase, latte art demonstrations and coffee-making, while savouring their signature coffee. Get a chance to enjoy a free cup of coffee after the session with any spend. Limited to the first 150 cups.

*Slots can be secured by presenting receipt with any spend at The Great Hall before 2pm.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness by The Happiness Initiative

Photo Credit: The Happiness Initiative

Venue: The Great Hall
Date: 29 Apr 2023
Time: 3pm to 3.45pm
Fee: Free

Find happiness within yourself at The Happiness Initiative’s community well-being sessions. Kickstart a flourishing life with Positive Psychology activities guiding you towards awareness and understanding.

Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

  • Featured Artist: Oak & Bindi

Photo Credit: Oak & Bindi

Photo Credit: Millenia Walk

Venue: The Great Hall
Date: now till 26 Apr 2023
Time: 5pm to 9pm

Oak & Bindi is a cherished friend of MW Creative Neighbourhood. Discover her captivating illustrations throughout the space and engage in conversation as she creates a live painting using the iconic MW shapes!

Gifts-Next-Door Welcome Bundles 

Date: now till 2 Jul 2023

  • Complimentary Parking
    • Redeem $3.33 parking rebates with $50 spend.¬†Limited quantity per day.
  • Sip in Style: Limited Edition Thermal Mug

Photo Credit: Millenia Walk

    • Grab an exclusive thermal mug designed by Oak & Bindi with $200 spend. While stocks last.
  • Precious & Personal: Limited Edition Engraved Keychain
    • Get your name adorned on an exclusive MW Creative Neighbourhood wooden keychain with $200 spend. Available from 22 May 2023 onwards. While stocks last.
  • Blocks of Bliss
    • Bring home an exclusive MW Creative Neighbourhood Seating Block with $5000 spend. While stocks last.
  • MW Neighbour Insider‚Äôs Card
    • Receive special perks around our Neighbourhood, from free sessions at participating fitness studios to vouchers from retail and F&B partners.

For the full list of details, kindly visit the Millenia Walk website.


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