Lanterns of famous landmarks & zodiac signs at Festival of Lights, Jurong Lake Gardens

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From 18 Dec 2020 to 3 Jan 2021, head down to Jurong Lake Garden to be wowed by 28 giant lantern displays of famous landmarks and zodiac signs, crafted by over 100 professional lantern masters!

Where: Jurong Lake Garden
When: 18 Dec 2020 to 3 Jan 2021, 7 pm to 11 pm daily
Fees: Free

“A Better Tomorrow” Festival of Lights is organised as part of the President's Challenge. You will be greeted by 28 sets of large lantern displays, including themes surround animals, countries, Zodiac and Christmas. 

These lanterns were crafted by over 100 professional lantern masters in China before shipped to Singapore and assembled at the Jurong Lake Gardens! 

Iconic Landmarks

Photo Credit: NParks

Photo Credits: Instagram/johnnnyncs

Transport yourself around the world to countries like Japan, Australia, and India as you stroll through the “It’s A Small World” lantern displays which feature iconic landmarks unique to each of the representing countries.

Will you be able to recognise them? From Mt. Fuji to the Golden Gate Bridge! 

Zodiac Signs / Horoscopes

Photo Credits: NParks

Search for the astrological sign lantern that represents your horoscope and learn more about your outlook and fortune for 2021! 

Panda Wonderland

Photo Credits: NParks

Photo Credits: instagram/johnnnyncs

Panda Wonderland depicts adorable pandas at play and as an additional comic effect, all the pandas will be masked and will keep a safe distance from one another.

Auspicious Pairing

Photo Credits: NParks

The auspicious and symbolic pairing of the dragon and phoenix is traditionally believed to bring health, wealth and good luck. The winding 42m dragon lantern “hides” among the shrubs on a hill to “stay safe” while the phoenix in the apple grove wishes everyone good health.

Charity Sky Lantern and Charity Water Lantern Activities


Photo Credits: NParks

As part of the President's Challenge, the event aims to raise funds for 72 charity organisations. You may support these charities by taking part in the Sky Lantern and / or Water Lantern activity! 

Simply donate $10 for a mini Sky Lantern or Water Lantern. Write your wishes on the lantern and "release" them to let your wishes comes true! 

Sky Lanterns will be hung on the designated display area, and participants will receive a mini sky lantern souvenir, and Water Lanterns will be released into the water, and participants will receive a heart-shaped light as a souvenir. 

Live-Streaming and Virtual Tour

Four exciting live-streaming programmes have been planned to allow the public to celebrate the President’s Challenge 2020 from their homes. The programme includes a variety of song and dance entertainment by popular local artistes.

They can even experience a virtual tour of the many lantern displays at the Gardens with celebrity hosts. The public can catch these online offerings on 18, 20, 26 and 31 December. 

Visit NParks website for more details!



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