Have a Science-Filled Fun School Holiday with Science Centre Singapore and KidsSTOP™ this June!

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Celebrate the school holidays with a series of action-packed activities and workshops happening at the Science Centre Singapore and KidsSTOP™!

Attention, parents! The school holiday season is just around the corner, and it's time to plan an unforgettable experience for your children at the Science Centre Singapore and KidsSTOP™! Get ready for an action-packed adventure filled with fun and learning at these exciting activities!

There will be birthday bash activities for KidsSTOP™ and the return of Tinkerfest too! Read on to find out more!

Make Party Beverages and Ice Cream at KidsSTOP™!

It's time to break free from textbooks and embrace a world of hands-on learning and excitement this school holidays! KidsSTOP™ is organising activities designed to engage your child's mind, inspire their creativity, and fuel their passion for discovery in a safe and nurturing environment.

Celebrate KidsSTOP™'s 9th Birthday!

But wait, there's more! Celebrate KidsSTOP™'s 9th Birthday with exciting events and activities too! So come and have a blast with KidsSTOP™ this June holidays! 

KidsSTOP™ Birthday Bash

Venue: KidsSTOP™, Party Room
Dates: 3 Jun 2023, 10 am - 11.30 am
Fees: $65 for 1 child and 1 adult (Get Your Slot)

Celebrate KidsSTOP™'s birthday and have a party! Make party beverages and ice cream with your child, and learn how dry ice works in the process!

*Fees are inclusive of admission to KidsSTOP™.


Venue: KidsSTOP™, Train Station
Dates: 9 - 11 Jun 2023, 10 am - 12 pm & 2 pm - 4 pm (30-min time slots)
Fees: $5 per child (Get Your Slot)

Take part in a series of bot-tastic birthday activities! Children will try their hands at tech toys and spark their curiosity about technology. 

*Note that the fee does not include admission to KidsSTOP™ and you will need to purchase the admission separately.

Up, Up in the Sky!

Venue: KidsSTOP™, Party Room
Dates: 6 Jun 2023 (for 5 - 6 years old), 9.30 am - 12 pm
Fees: $60 (member) / $65 (non-member) for 1 child (Get Your Slot)

Let your child's imagination soar as they help Win fulfill his dream of flying around the world! In this Up, Up in the Sky thrilling adventure, children will explore the science behind flight, construct their very own flight craft, and even reward themselves with an edible airplane. 

Tinkerfest Returns

Venue: Science Centre Singapore, The Tinkering Studio (Hall E)
Dates: 27 May - 25 Jun 2023, 10.30 am - 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm
Admission: Free with admission to Science Centre Singapore (Get Tickets)

Tinkerfest returns this school holidays! The annual festival celebrates creativity, innovation and hands-on learning by providing a platform for individuals of all ages to explore and experiment with various tools, materials, and technologies to create something new and innovative.

Through play, exploration and experimentation, children and parents can connect and learn something new together too! Here are some activities that you can expect at this year's festival!

  • LED Pixel Art Cube: Get hand-on learning about circuits with copper tape and light a LED box.
  • Scented Badge: Design and create custom badges and where it wherever you go!
  • Squishy Circuit: Manipulate the squishy dough and create unique and imaginative circuit designs.
  • Kaleidocycle: Explore geometry, spatial reasoning and design with the use of tetrahedrons connected by paper folds
  • Chain Reaction: A fun and engaging activity where children try to create a series of simple actions to trigger a chain reaction to achieve a specific goal. 
  • Reverse Parachute: Challenge yourself to descent a parachute using the wind's table airflow. 


Make this school holiday a memorable one for your children. Register them for the incredible holiday fun and book your slots for the various edutaining programmes at KidsSTOP™ and Science Centre Singapore, and watch as their imaginations take flight this school holidays!


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