Join The Ranger Buddies To Fight The Deadliest Monster At HarbourFront Centre This Oct!

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Help Pedro the Sea Lion fight the deadliest monster affecting our waters and learn more about reducing plastic pollution!

Venue: HarbourFront Centre, Level 1 Atrium near entrance of MRT station
Date: 10 - 30 Oct 2022, 11 am - 8 pm
Admission: Free

Join the Ranger Buddies at HarbourFront Centre this Oct to take on the deadliest monster in the ocean - plastic! Together with animal buddy, Pedro the Sea Lion, kids will go on a mission to discover the journey of trash and find out how they can do their part to save aquatic animals from danger! 

Who Are The Ranger Buddies? 

The Ranger Buddies programme is brought to you by the wildlife parks at Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Through the programme, children will go on fun and exciting missions with their animal buddies, where they can learn to be Curious, Optimistic, Undaunted, Resourceful, Adaptable, Gritty and Empathetic! The C.O.U.R.A.G.E strengths will help kids become future-ready global citizens and responsible stewards of planet Earth. 

Through a web-app, children (aged 4 - 10 years old) and their parents can enjoy daily missions, taking small positive daily actions that care for wildlife and the planet.  

To join the Ranger Buddies programme, simply sign-up for free at

Fight The Deadliest Monster with Pedro at HarbourFront Centre

Through a series of mission activities at HarbourFront Centre, you and your child will help Pedro the Sea Lion tackle the impact of plastics in our waters and save the aquatic animals in danger. Complete the activities and your child will receive a limited edition Pedro pin too!

Don't wait! Start your mission now by signing up as a Ranger Buddy for free and visit HarbourFront Centre from 10 to 30 Oct 2022 to take part!

Mission Activity 1: Journey of Trash

Ranger Buddies will learn about how our use of plastics ends up in the waters, polluting our natural environment and harming aquatic wildlife

Mission Activity 2: Let's Reduce

Do you know the alternatives to single-use plastics? In this activity, kids will get to flip a series of daily household items to find out the alternatives they can use to reduce single-use plastics.

Mission Activity 3: Let's Reuse

Test your knowledge at this sponge pit! Ranger Buddies will have to rummage through a sponge pit and figure out which items are being reused and stick them to the wall! 

Mission Activity 4: Let's Recycle

In this interactive game, Rangers Buddies will use a motion sensor to guide the recycling bin in collecting items that can be recycled within the time limit!

Mission Activity 5: Rescue

Hurray! You have completed the missions and defeated the deadliest monster! Now that the coast is clear, it is time to share the good news with Pedro's friends. Peek through the goggles to look for them. It’s also time to collect your physical reward pin at the customer service counter too.

Take Part In Conservation-themed Activities 

There will be various conservation-themed activities for families to take part in. This includes a showcase of children's artwork around the theme of conserving the marine environment as well as a free colouring activity for kids to bring home a reminder to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Families who spend a min. of $50 at the mall may choose to join an animal clay-making workshop to create and bring home clay animals like the crab, turtle and sea lion. 

For those who like to find out more about the aquatic native wildlife in Singapore, the Friends of Marine Park, an NParks volunteer group will be giving a series of talks about marine wildlife related careers and native marine wildlife. 

Venue and Dates 

Fight the Deadliest Monster with Pedro is happening from 10 to 30 Oct 2022 from 11 am to 8 pm at HarbourFront Centre. So, mark your calendars and join the Mandai Ranger Buddies now! 


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