Hungry Ghost Festival or Zhongyuan Festival with Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

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To encourage better appreciation of the Hungry Ghost Festival, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre highlights the customs and traditions practised during this month-long festival through a series of programmes.

Zhongyuan Festival falls on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month. In Singapore, it is observed for the whole month as it is believed that the gates of hell are opened and spirits are free to wander during this period. This is why it is also popularly known as the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Join the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre as they launch a series of programmes to highlight some of the customs and traditions of this festival. 

‚ÄúZhongyuan Festival Dos and Don‚Äôts‚Ä̬†Interactive Game

Is it safe to whistle at night during the Zhongyuan Festival? Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Zhongyuan Festival in this choose-your-own-adventure interactive game. Take charge of how the story unfolds by making decisions for Xiao Ming as he goes on a run at night, and learn about the various taboos of this widely-observed festival along the way!

Keeping Traditions Alive: Making Mobile Mini Getai

Gather your craft materials, and learn how to make your very own mobile getai in four easy steps with this entertaining tutorial! Featuring Zijun, a young Singaporean whose family runs a mobile getai business, hear more about his experiences with this unusual profession, and learn his trade secrets!

Available from 22 Aug 2020, 6 pm. 

Kaki Says: Zhongyuan Festival

Did you know that the Zhongyuan Festival is also associated with the Buddhist Yu Lan¬†Pen Festival and the Taoist Lord of Earth‚Äôs birthday? Who are the ‚Äėhungry ghosts‚Äô and¬†why are extravagant getai concerts held during this time? Find out more about the¬†Zhongyuan Festival in this animated video ‚Äď the different significance to Buddhists and¬†Taoists, and learn more about the various practices observed by the Chinese¬†community in Singapore.

Available from 28 Aug 2020, 6 pm.

TGIF Music Station: SCCC x YES 933 - Getai Special

Sing along to popular tunes by homegrown talents, from the comfort of your home with TGIF Music Station: SCCC x YES 933 in partnership with local getai operator Lex(S) Entertainment Productions! Look forward to an uproariously good time at the Getai Special featuring veterans Hao Hao, Lee Pei Fen, The Babes, Desmond Ng, Yang Guang Ke Le, and more! Gather your friends and loved ones for a musical escapade that will hit all the right notes!

Happening on 4 Sep 2020, 8 pm.

*Image Credit: SCCC



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