Get up close with over 660 cute baby animals at Wildlife Reserves Singapore!

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Come rejoice with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) as Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Safari collectively celebrates the arrival of over 660 new bundles of joy from 121 of the parks' species.

So start planning your next family trip to the WRS parks, and get acquainted with these adorable littlings that will make you go 'aww'!

Location: Wildlife Reserves Singapore Parks
Date: Daily
Admission: Admission fees apply

Singapore Zoo

Crocodile Monitor Hatchling

Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Drop by Singapore Zoo’s RepTopia and say hello to its two newest members, the crocodile monitor hatchlings. The pair are the first ever to be successfully bred under human care, which marks a significant milestone for the herpetology team as the species is known to be difficult to breed.

red-shanked douc langur babies

Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Singapore Zoo also welcomed a pair of red-shanked douc langur babies, which brings the park‚Äôs breeding record for the endangered species to 33. Head down to Primate Kingdom to catch these ‚Äúcostumed apes‚ÄĚ in their extravagant coats of red, black, white, grey and gold highlights. They are definitely not hard to miss!

Dahlia white rhino calf

Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Visit the White Rhinos at the Wild Africa Zone and make friends with Dalia, the latest addition to the family. The baby rhino (whose name means gentle and tender in Swahili) was born on 19 December 2019 and came as an early Christmas surprise to the Singapore Zoo.

Jurong Bird Park

Santa Cruz Ground Dove Chick

Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

About 60 of these highly vulnerable Santa Cruz ground doves from the Solomon Islands were transferred to the Jurong Bird Park as part of a species recovery plan. And by 2019, the avian team had successfully bred 37 hatchlings - a big win for the species which has a wild population that is estimated at only 300. The hatchlings are a boost to the world’s only assurance colony for this endangered species outside its native Solomon Islands. 

Hyacinth macaw chicks

Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Jurong Bird Park also saw five successful hatchings of the endangered hyacinth macaw chicks last year.

Night Safari


Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Be sure to catch little Sutera and his family at Night Safari. Sutera is the 31st Malayan tapir calf to be born here. The calf, whose name means silk in Malay, was born on 25 July 2019, and has since grown out of its signature watermelon-like dappled coat into a two-toned coat that is distinct in adult tapirs.

River Safari

Anteater pup

Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Hop aboard the River Safari Cruise and keep your eyes peeled for Estrella - the park’s fourth giant anteater pup, which was born on 21 August 2019. The black, white and grey pup was given her name through public votes. Estrella (which means star in Spanish) has an especially playful personality and is often seen wrestling with her mother Lapura. 


Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Meet River Safari's most iconic species, the West Indian manatees, and get to know the herd's three youngest members.

The park has had an impressive breeding track record of this vulnerable species, having successfully birthed 21 manatee calves so far. 


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