Experience Lab at Jewel Changi Airport: NLB Brings Nature-themed Sculptures, Audio-visual Carousel Ride and More

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NLB has taken over a shopfront at Jewel Changi Airport to bring you a new learning experience featuring an audio-visual carousel ride that takes you to Korea, and nature-themed sculptures, among others.

As part of the National Library Board’s (NLB's) Libraries and Archives Blueprint 2025 (LAB25), NLB has been turning everyday places into worlds of discovery through nodes—or installations—set up at locations all over Singapore.

Since October 2021, these “pop-ups” AKA nodes have made appearances at 14 shopping malls, transforming them into playgrounds for learning and immersive fun.

Now NLB is introducing another unique experience with the latest Experience Lab @ Jewel Changi Airport. 

Experience Lab @ Jewel Changi Airport

Venue: Jewel Changi Airport, #04-209
Date: 28 Jan - end Mar 2022

The Experience Lab at shopping malls will go on to make a stop at Jewel Changi Airport in 2022. Visitors will be provided with a refreshing all-in-one experience within a shopfront.

Immersive Travel-themed Wallpaper

Visitors who miss travelling can look forward to a postcard selfie opportunity. Visitors can also embark on their own travel adventure from the comforts of their home, by exploring the Travel-themed eReads on the wallpaper.

These eReads can be accessed by scanning QR codes embedded in the wallpaper. The eReads will be refreshed biweekly to provide new reads at frequent intervals.

Discovery Sculptures

These nature-themed life-sized sculptures take the form of animals and nature elements. Each sculpture has a QR code for visitors to scan and learn about the unique story that inspired the creation of each sculpture.

Gachapon Machines

Using the tokens earned through interacting with the Discovery Sculptures and Travel Wallpaper, visitors can then try their hand at gachapon stations to redeem specially themed mini book keychains (while stocks last).

Visitors simply need to scan any QR codes on the installations, and show their favourite eRead in the shop to our friendly staff to collect a token and try their luck. Visitors can loan the eRead on the NLB Mobile App for a bonus token.

There are a total of four mini book keychains to collect. Each book contains snippets of book titles related to the theme, as well as QR codes to access these titles from the NLB Mobile app. 

The four themes are: 

  • Life Hacks 101
  • Perfect Imperfections (self-help topics)
  • Animal character-centric stories
  • Books-turned-movies

LAB25 Book Bugs Postcards

Visitors can also collect exclusive LAB25 Book Bugs postcards. There is a total of 4 designs, each representing 1 role under LAB25.

Ongoing Nodes - Mr Kiasu Exclusive @ SingPost Centre Mall

Venue: SingPost Centre Mall, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600
Date: Ongoing (29 Nov 21 - TBC)

In an exclusive collaboration with NLB, Mr Kiasu’s author, Johnny Lau, has come up with a new slew of Mr Kiasu characters, each playing an important role in solving a mysterious case of stolen books in the library. Also featuring Mr Kiasu himself, this webtoon also serves to explain LAB25 in an exciting format.

Mr Kiasu LAB25 Webtoons Wallpaper

Visitors on their way to the Enrichment Zone in SingPost Centre Mall would find themselves flanked by Mr Kiasu Lab25 webtoon characters in the form of larger-than-life wallpapers. 

These characters are not just static – with every new chapter of the webtoon released, each focusing on a different character, the respective character gets a refresh on the wall too!

The QR code on the wallpaper leads visitors to the exclusive Mr Kiasu LAB25 webtoon.

Mr Kiasu Book Recommendations

Visitors can fulfil their “kiasu” potential by checking out Mr Kiasu’s book recommendations from the Mr Kiasu lift stickers in the mall. You just have to scan the QR codes to access the recommended titles from the NLB Mobile app.


These installations, also known as nodes, are a key highlight of LAB25, and serve as new entry points into NLB’s wide array of content. Central to LAB25 is the vision to build a vibrant Learning Marketplace, where NLB’s physical and digital libraries and archives are the hubs of rich content, with services being extended through nodes.

NLB will continue to roll out a series of Nodes all over Singapore in collaboration with a variety of partners. 

Image credits National Library Board 



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