Embark On A Learning Journey With The NS55 Interactive Trail!

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The NS55¬†Interactive Trail ‚ÄėCepat Jalan‚Äô has been designed to showcase the rich history and significance of National Service!

In celebration of NS55, the NS55 Interactive Trail "Cepat Jalan' has been launched to help everyone appreciate how far we have come as a nation, and the contributions of our national servicemen to keep our nation safe and secure. 

NS55 Interactive Trail

Available as a Walking Trail and a Virtual Trail, participants will be brought on a journey to various locations that are significant to NS. Participants will also be able to use Augmented Reality (AR) to immerse themselves in the history of NS, and take part in games and quizzes along the way. 

Walking Trail

The Walking Trail boasts seven unique Discovery Points related to NS located in the heart of the city. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to visit all seven Discovery Points on foot, excluding the time spent at each location. At each point, trail participants can look forward to fun and interactive activities, while deepening their knowledge of NS through short articles.

In between Discovery Points, participants can engage in a scratch-and-reveal activity, Field Pack Quest, where participants can fill up their digital field pack with handy and essential items that every national serviceman carries.


Participants may also attempt a simple quiz and will be rewarded with an AR puzzle piece for each successful quiz attempt. Upon completion of all seven quizzes, participants will be awarded with a set of specially-designed NS55 WhatsApp stickers. At the end of the journey, they will also be rewarded with a digital postcard.

Virtual Trail

The Virtual Interactive Trail comprises the seven Discovery Points from the Walking Trail, with five additional Discovery Points. The Field Pack Quest will not be available for the Virtual Trail. Upon completing all 12 Discovery Points, participants will be awarded with the NS55 WhatsApp Stickers.

'Cepat Jalan’ can be accessed from https://ns55trail.sg/home


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