Chingay50 - Dates, Timings & What To Expect!

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Chingay turns 50 in 2022! Here's what families can expect in this special edition of Chingay! 

*Updated (6 Feb 2022): Added new information, photos and behind-the-scenes video

Venue: Online and various locations
Dates: Various
Fees: Free

Singapore's largest street performance and float parade, Chingay celebrates 50 years in 2022 with a LIVE show streamed online and various experiences across the island to engage families and all!

While we may not be able to enjoy a physical Chingay in 2022, the organising committee has planned for various programmes across the island for everyone to enjoy the parade and to busk in the festivities in a safe manner! 

Without further ado, let's take a look at what we can expect at Chingay50! 

#OurChingay50 Show

Venue: Facebook, TikTok, and the Chingay website
Dates: 12 Feb 2022, 8 pm - 9.30 pm

Chingay50 is the 50th year of Chingay and families can expect a full digital LIVE show held at Jewel Changi. The show will be broken up into 6 parts, with an impactful opening with a marching band, followed by 5 segments to showcase Singapore's different areas of strength! The segments are

  1. #TheFirstSpark
  2. #OurFreeSpirit
  3. #DaretoDream
  4. #Love
  5. #StrongerTogether

The one and a half-hour showcase will feature a line-up of performers, including community talents at the HSBC Rain Vortex. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall, together with the lush greenery of the Shiseido Forest Valley, will provide an exceptional performance setting designed to delight and excite viewers. Combined with special effects and interactive floor projections, the online viewing experience will draw audiences into the heart of Jewel Changi Airport.

Behind-the-scenes of a #OurChingay50 full-dress rehearsal

#OurChingay50 is themed ‚ÄúIgnite our Dreams‚ÄĚ and will be available live on 12 February 2022, with a¬†delayed telecast on 27 February 2022, and a repeat telecast on 6 March 2022.¬†

  • LIVE Webcast¬†(12 Feb 2022, 8 pm - 9.30 pm): Facebook, TikTok, and¬† Chingay website
  • Delayed TV Telecast (27 Feb, 7 pm and 6 Mar, 1 pm): Channel 5 and Channel 8

Organise A Watch Party & Win Prizes

Dates: 12 Feb at 12 pm (Deadline for registration), 12 Feb at 11 pm (Deadline for photo submission)

Organise a watch party to catch the LIVE show with friends, families and neighbours and stand a chance to win $7,500 worth of vouchers! Watch parties can be organised as physical or virtual ones - simply register your watch party before 12 Feb 2022, 12 pm to take part! 

That's not all! Over $10,000 worth of vouchers will be pledged for underprivilege families if there are at least 20,000 viewers on the LIVE show! Help add to the count by organising your watch party too! 

How to organise a watch party? 

Physical Watch Party

Virtual Watch Party

  • Register your watch party
  • Choose a suitable virtual meeting platform for the watch party
  • Invite your participants to join your virtual meeting on 12 Feb 2022
  • On 12 Feb 2022, join the LIVE webcast of Chingay50 on or on Facebook (PAssionChingayClub)
  • Log into your virtual meeting and start your virtual watch party!
  • Share your screen (with the webcast) with your participants
  • Take photos of your virtual watch party (make sure everyone turns on their cameras and the Chingay webcast can be seen in the photos too)

*Do ensure that safety management measures are adhered to at all times. 

Prizes to be won

There are 2 prize categories to take part in! And here's how you can take part and win $7,500 worth of vouchers! 

Lucky Watch Party

  • 1 Winner: $1,000¬†
  • 4 Winners: $500 each
  • 20 Winners: $100 each

As the name suggest, this is for the lucky ones who get picked! So make sure you register your watch party and submit your photos to be in the running!

Most Creative Theme Watch Party

  • 5 Winners: $500 each

Create a thematic watch party and encourage your participants to take part in the theme to stand a chance to win the Most Creative Theme Watch Party! Be wacky and creative about your theme - if you need help, here's some theme ideas to get you started! 

  • Super Heroes
  • Pyjamas
  • Rock and Roll
  • Chinese New Year

Do note that photos will need to be submitted by 12 Feb 2022 at 11 pm to be considered for the prizes! 


Venue: 20 buses across Singapore
Dates: 25 Jan - End Mar 2022 

Catch these specially decorated #HeyChingay50Bus wrapped with Chingay-themed designs - both on the exterior and interior of the buses! There will be 14 different designs of Chingay50 buses plying their routes across Singapore and waiting for you to spot them to win prizes! 

  • Snap, Tag and Win
    • Snap a picture of any Chingay50 Buses (it can be the exterior or interior)
    • Tag Chingay on Facebook (PAssionChingayClub) or Instagram (@chingaysingapore)
    • Include the following hashtags: #OurChingay50, #ChingaySG2022, #HeyChingay50Bus
    • Like and follow Chingay on Facebook and Instagram
    • Don't forget to set your profile to public so that they can spot your post too!¬†
  • Spot and Win
    • Spot 'Dreamy'¬†on any of the #HeyChingay50Bus
    • Scan the QR code beside 'Dreamy'
    • Win Vouchers!

So keep your eyes peeled on the roads and try spotting the #HeyChingay50Bus today! \

Chingay50 Enter The Heartlands

To bring the festive atmosphere closer to the community, residents can look forward to participating in virtual community celebrations hosted by the People’s Association (PA) grassroots organisations.



Venue: Chingay Website

Celebrating 50 years in 2022, Chingay has formed the memories and experiences for countless of performers, volunteers, audiences, crew members and even community partners. To commemorate and to celebrate these memories, Chingay has put together the #OurChingay50Stories online showcase where you can read the story and journey through the lenses of the people involved. 

There will be a total of 50 stories anchoring on the Chingay50 theme "Ignite our Dreams". These will be shared progressively on the Chingay website from Jan 2022 and will remain available for the public to access. 

Do you have a past Chingay experience to share too? Let us know in our Community Forum and tell us what you miss most about the physical Chingay Parades!



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