Bridges of Time: i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition

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Location: Marina Bay | Civic District | Singapore River | Raffles Terrace
28 Jan – 24 Feb 2019
7.30 pm – 12.00 am

What is happening?

Themed Bridges of Time, i Light Singapore – Bicentennial edition features artworks that express Singapore’s heritage, development and her relationships with the world using various mediums, from stone fragments and fibers to transparent foils.

i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition
Shadow Exposed
Mist Walk (besides Red Dot Design Museum)

Take a stroll along Mist Walk to learn the history and evolution of Singapore by uncovering scenes from its past using your shadow with Shadow Exposed.

Bridges of Time: i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition - DUNE
Lotus Pond at ArtScience Museum

Light up hundreds of fibers as you touch or walk pass the artwork DUNE and witness Sails Aloft, a holographic installation that brings to life a 19th century sailboat race, which is sure to be a sight to behold.

i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition
Sails Aloft
Marina Bay waterfront promenade


Bridges of Time: i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition - Keys of Light
Keys of Light
Raffles Terrace at Fort Canning Park

Keys of Light is an interactive piano installation but you don’t really have to be a piano maestro to have fun with this artwork. The various keys of the piano project Singapore’s different buildings on the Lighthouse at Raffles Terrace, bringing you on a one-a-kind musical tour.

i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition
The Promontory @ Marina Bay

The vibrant Squiggle is a reflection of our multicultural world and not only is it fun to look at, it is also fun to interact with. You can effect changes in colour, speed and direction of the display using little joysticks.

i Light Singapore
Various Light Installations @ i Light Singapore

Discover over 30 blindingly brilliant sustainable light art installations like these scattered from Marina Bay to Fort Canning.

Additionally, you can also expect there to be a line-up of exciting family-friendly activities during the festival.

Click here for details of the programs!

When is it happening?

28 Jan – 24 Feb 2019

  • Sun – Thur: 7.30 pm – 11.00 pm 
  • Fri – Sat: 7.30 pm – 12.00 am

5 Things to know about i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition

Where is it happening?

Bridges of Time: i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition - Installations Map

How much is it?

General admission is FREE

For more information, click here.

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