5 Things to know about i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition

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Location: Marina Bay, Civic District, Singapore River, Raffles Terrace @ Fort Canning
¬†28 Jan¬†‚Äst24 Feb 2019

i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition

The hugely popular i Light Marina Bay will be back in 2019 as i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition! Over 2 million visitors visited i Light Marina Bay 2018, and 2019 will be bigger! 

If you missed i Light Marina Bay 2018, the time lapse video shows highlights of the art festival and why you will not want to miss the 2019 edition! 

Read about our visit to i Light Marina Bay 2018 here.

Having gotten a preview of what's happening, here are 5 things you need to know about i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition!

1. Why Bicentennial Edition?

It is not because i Light has been organised for 200 years, so why bicentennial? Because 2019 marks the 200th year of Singapore's founding by Sir Stamford Raffles. With the theme of this year's festival being "Bridges of Time", do expect art installations to reflect Singapore's history. Not just from 200 years ago but through the last 700 years! 

Not sure what that means? Well, we will just have to wait and find out! 

2. Why i Light Singapore and not Marina Bay?


Previous editions of the festival had been known as i Light Marina Bay but this year's festival has expanded its geographical footprint beyond Marina Bay to include the Civic District, Singapore River and Raffles Terrace at Fort Canning, thus it is more aptly named i Light Singapore!  

This 2019 footprint is a reflection of how the Civic District and Singapore River first drew people from different parts of the world here centuries ago. So, expect a whole new experience and lots of walking too! 

*BYKidO's Tip: Balance your consideration of using prams and baby carriers due to the amount of walking expected versus the terrain in the area. 

3. What to expect? 

We don't know... really, we do not know yet. Most of the art exhibits have not been announced but this year's festival received the largest submission of art proposals ever - 249 submissions from 36 countries! 

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But we do know 2 exhibits exhibiting in this year's festival.

City Gazing Singapore - VOUW

i Light Singapore - City Gazing Singapore

Imagine the outline of Singapore made of light and hung up in the sky - the lights programmed to show how Singapore has grown over time. When gazing at the outline, you will see the light of Singapore merging with the night sky. 

Sounds beautiful? Its located at The Lawn@Marina Bay, which happens to be perfect for the kids to run around too! 

The Rainbow Connection - Yun

Yun, who previously exhibited in 2017, is back with The Rainbow Connection, an art exhibit using upcycled PET containers. 

i Light Singapore - The Rainbow Connection

i Light Singapore - The Rainbow Connection

Suspended in the air, about 800 of these colored containers will be lighted using solar powered lighting, and come alive as they sway in the wind. 

We believe it will be quite a mesmerizing sight.. especially if you are trying to spot something.. something you co-created. 

4. You can Co-Create The Rainbow Connection!

i Light Singapore - Workshop

Partnering with the community, members of the public may join Yun in designing one of the 800 used cookie containers. Bring your kid down to one of the workshops, and see your creation swaying in the final exhibit!

Simply head to www.ilightsingapore.sg to signup for an upcoming workshop. 

5. It will not just be an Art Exhibit

While not yet announced, i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition will not just showcase the art but will be a festival with activities and events for the very young, young, and young at hearts! 

i Light Singapore - Workshop

Last year's i Light Marina Bay was done in collaboration with a carnival, food streets, and so much more - and we do not expect 2019 to be any less!

If you want to know what to expect, stay tune to us as we continue to find the latest events and activities for you to bring your kids out to! 

*Photo Credits: i Light Singapore


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