Bird Paradise Unveils New Series, Meet the Flock, Spotlighting A Different Avian Species Each Month

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The first series kicks off from 31 May to 30 June 2024 in conjunction with World Parrot Day, with specially curated parrot-themed activities.

Venue: Bird Paradise
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024 (First Series)

At Bird Paradise, visitors can enjoy a new 'Meet the Flock' series that will spotlight a different avian species each month. From 31 May to 30 June 2024, join us to celebrate World Parrot Day and discover our Parrot flock from around the world!


Flock Down to Paradise

Promo Period: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Visit Period: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024, except 17 Jun 2024

Gather your flock and meet our colourful parrot flock at Bird Paradise! Enjoy 30% off admission tickets for 2.

Valid for new and existing WildPass holders only. Terms and conditions apply.

Flock in Style: Dress as a Parrot

Venue: Park Entrance
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Time: 9am to 6pm, Daily

Come dressed in colours of the scarlet macaw (red, yellow, blue) and receive a limited-edition sticker sheet* featuring different species of parrots.

*Limited to 1 redemption per person. While stocks last.

Meet our Parrot Flock!

Venue: Around the park
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Time: 9am to 6pm, Daily

Collection & Redemption Details
Venue: Park Entrance
Time: 9am to 6pm, Daily

Members’ Exclusive
Date: 31 May, 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 29 & 30 Jun 2024

Let’s play in Paradise! Take flight along our interactive trail and travel around the world to meet our charming parrot flocks, and discover their quirky personalities and unique features.

Spot all our parrot friends and complete the trail to redeem exclusive pins* and more.

Members’ Exclusive: Redeem an additional exclusive Scarlet Macaw pin**.

*Limited to 1 redemption per trail booklet, limited redemptions daily. While stocks last.
**Limited to 50 pin redemptions per day.

Parrot Discovery Booth

Venue: Central Plaza
Date: 1 to 2 Jun 2024
Time: 9am to 5pm

Interact with parrot specimens and play mini games to discover the parrot’s fascinating anatomy, diversity and behaviours. Find out what you can do to protect parrots with us.

Parrot Keeper Talks

Venue & Time:

  • Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands: 12pm (Daily), 3.30pm (Weekends only)
  • Lory Loft: 4.30pm (Weekends only)

Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024

Meet our keepers and explore the diversity of parrots in South America and the Indo-pacific.

Parrot Guided Tour (Lite)

Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

Meeting Point: Outside Sky Amphitheatre
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024

  • 11.30am to 12pm (Weekdays & Weekends)
  • 4.15pm to 4.45pm (Weekends only)

Price: $15/pax

Ever wondered what baby parrots look like? Embark on a guided tour and take a sneak peak behind the scenes to gain insights about our baby parrots.

Members’ Priority Booking: Members get to enjoy priority booking from 28 May 2024.

Additional charges and terms and conditions apply.

Meet The Flock Face Painting

Venue: Outside Bird Bakery
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Time: 10am to 5pm

Transform into a colourful macaw, or other bird flocks with our fun face painting, starting from just $18. Join in the fun and celebrate the colours of our parrots.

Parrot Sweet Treats

Venue: Bird Bakery
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

Indulge in a delightful range of colourful pastries, from Rainbow Panna Cotta and fruit tarts to tasty Parrot Sugar Cookies!

Colourful Feastings

Venue: Crimson restaurant
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Time: 11am to 5.30pm

Savour our rainbow-themed Grilled Salmon Skewers with a view of our scarlet macaws soaring against a scenic waterfall backdrop. Leave room for dessert and enjoy our new Summer Wonder Raspberry Cheesecake, included in our lunch set.

Stylish Souvenirs

Venue: Bird Paradise Shop
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Time: 9am to 7pm

Soar into tropical style with our reversible bag and sip in colour-changing delight with our drink ware, all for just $49 (U.P. $74).

New Collectibles

Venue: Bird Paradise Shop
Date: 31 May to 30 Jun 2024
Time: 9am to 7pm

Take home our new cockatoo medallion, the perfect addition to your collection.


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