An Interview with Marie Hanford aka Moana on Disney On Ice presents Live Your Dreams

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We speak with Marie Hanford about her role as Moana in the upcoming Disney On Ice presents Live Your Dreams, happening on the 12 - 22 Mar 2020 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Interview with Moana (Marie) | Disney on Ice

It is (almost) every young girl's dream to be a princess but what is it like to portray the role of a Disney Princess, more so while performing on an ice rink? Marie Hanford, who plays the role of Moana in the upcoming Disney On Ice presents Live Your Dreams shares more about her role as a Disney Princess.

How do you get to be a Disney Princess? 

I was fortunate enough to get casted into the role, which I happily accepted. It has been a complete honor to portray the role in so many countries and to so many audience members! 

Do you need to be a skater to join Disney On Ice? 

Interview with Moana (Marie) | Disney on Ice

I have been skating for about 23 years, and while I only joined the Disney On Ice family nearly four years ago, I have been performing in ice shows for the last 11 years.

How long do you need to practice for each show? 

It depends, when we first built this particular show, it took about 6 weeks with many many many hours on and off the ice. We practice to bring various steps and movements into the ice, so that we can really bring the Disney magic to the ice surface. 

What happens backstage when the audience wait for each princess to come onstage? 

Interview with Moana (Marie) | Disney on Ice

For myself, I like to make sure that I am well warmed up before stepping into the ice. And of course, behind the scenes, all the Disney magic is happening to make each show a magical one too!

What has been your most magical moment during a show? 

The most magical moment for me is when myself and my older sister were on the same show and performing at home for our friends and family. That was a truly magical experience. 

During the show, what do you look forward to? 

I really love when the audience sings along to the music. It is so very uplifting and a special moment every single time!

Is Moana your favourite Disney Princess?

Interview with Moana (Marie) | Disney on Ice

When I was little, my favourite character was Belle. I loved her sense of adventure but also that she loved to read, because I love to read too! 

But... Moana is the most enjoyable role for me to perform! 


Interview with Moana (Marie) | Disney on Ice

So for the little girl's who wish to be a princess, keep on having those magical thoughts, and live your dreams! 

Catch Marie and the rest of the cast on Disney On Ice presents Live Your Dreams from the 12th to 22nd of March 2020 at the Singapore Indoor Stadiums. Tickets are available from just $20, here


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