Aliwal Urban Art Festival Ignites The Urban Spirit With An Electric Array Of Unique Urban Art-tivities

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Look forward to a series of street art showcases including live graffiti painting and competition, as well as unique music and dance performances and more!

Venue: Various venues at Aliwal Arts Centre
Date: 27 Jan 2024
Time: 12pm till late evening
Fee: Free admission

Aliwal Urban Art Festival (AUAF) 2024

Photo Credit:Ā Arts House Limited

On 27 January 2024, the Aliwal Urban Art Festival (AUAF) organised by Arts House Limited (AHL) will feature an electric array of urban art activities led by tenants from Aliwal Arts Centre (AAC) and various renowned local urban art groups and communities of different artistic practices. Held at AAC, visitors can expect to feast their eyes on a series of street art showcases including live graffiti painting and competition, as well as unique music and dance performances and more; all at the heart of Kampong Gelamā€™s vibrant cultural enclave.

Here's taking a closer look at what you and your family can look forward to at AUAF 2024:

Pop-Up Market (curated by The Social Exchange)

Venue: Multipurpose Studios A & BĀ 
Time: 12pm to 8pmĀ 
Admission: Free

Showcasing local vendors and their one-of-a-kind wares, the Pop-Up Market invites you to browse through the wide variety of merchandise and bring home your own newfound treasures.


Urban Sounds (curated by LINCH Agency)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue: Multipurpose Hall
Time: 6pm to 8.40pm
Admission: Free

Get ready to move and groove to the beats of local hip hop acts in this edition of Aliwal Urban Art Festival.

Featuring artistes YAƘ, Khally and Akeem Jahat, indulge in the fresh vibes and cool rhythms of musical performances by Singaporeā€™s very own rising stars in the hip hop scene ā€“ it's a gig not to be missed!

Re:Union Party 2024 (curated by ScRach MarcS)

Venue:Ā Multipurpose Hall
Time:Ā 9pm to 10pm
Admission:Ā Free

To round up the festivities, celebrate street culture with music, dance and sheer vibes at the Re:Union Party by ScRach MarcS. Going back to the roots of street dance and urban culture, the Block Party is back to bring everyone together in a final rendezvous of the night against the backdrop of graffiti and street art of Kampong Gelam.

Soak in the energy of the streets with dance performances and battles; jive and groove the night away!

Urban Immersion (by The Improv Company)

Photo Credit: Yeo Wei Lun

Venue:Ā Multipurpose Hall
Time:Ā 12pm to 1pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ with Registration

In the vibrant spirit of the Aliwal Urban Art Festival, The Improv Co. presents an improv comedy show that celebrates all things unapologetically unorthodox!

Shower us with your unvarnished prompts or ideas, and our crafty performers will use them to make up colourful sketches thatā€™ll stick with you throughout the weekend!

So, leave your rigid stencils behind and be amazed as both the cast and audience collaborate towards creating hilarious narratives without scripts!

Roots ā€“ An Explorative Journey (with Post-Performance Artist Talk) (by Kalpavriksha Fine Arts)

Venue:Ā Multipurpose Hall
Time: 1.30pm to 2pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ with Registration

Embark on a mesmerizing expedition into the heart of Indian performing arts with "Roots," a captivating dance performance presented by Kalpavriksha Fine Arts Ltd. This enchanting production, rooted deeply in the timeless tradition of Bharatanatyam, promises to transport audiences into the rich tapestry of this classical dance form.

"Roots" unfolds as a celebration of Bharatanatyam, an art steeped in history and cultural significance. Kalpavriksha Fine Arts Ltd. invites spectators to witness the profound beauty of Bharatanatyam through a carefully curated selection of songs that not only showcase the traditionality of the dance but also illuminate the enormity of its artistic expression.

The performance serves as an immersive experience, inviting the audience to delve into the intricate movements, expressions, andĀ rhythmic patterns that define Bharatanatyam. Each dance sequence within "Roots" is a meticulous exploration of the roots of this ancient art form, paying homage to its origins while simultaneously showcasing its enduring relevance and dynamism.

As the dancers gracefully move through the choreography, the audience will be transported to a world where tradition meets innovation, and classical elegance intertwines with contemporary flair. "Roots" is not merely a dance performance; it is a journey through time and culture, a testament to the enduring legacy of Bharatanatyam.

Join Kalpavriksha Fine Arts Ltd. on this evocative exploration of "Roots," where the language of dance communicates stories of tradition, passion, and artistic mastery. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bharatanatyam and witness the dance form's evolution while cherishing its profound connection to the cultural roots from which it springs.

ā€œPLA-BANO" (by NADI Singapura)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue:Ā Multipurpose Hall
Time: 3pm to 3.30pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ with Registration

The rhythms and sound of the Rebana or Gendang Melayu is the core of Nadi Singapura's music and creation. It also remains integral and inseparable in the minds of traditional Malay music practitioners, creatives and lovers. Especially in Singapore, these mediums are often only seen in specific events and ceremonies within the community.

We believe that more opportunities should be made to share the beauty and the vibes of the instrument and music. Coupled with the amalgamation of various Malay percussion instruments and the unique presentation style that Nadi Singapura brings, the experience becomes a powerful and infectious tool to communicate, connect and enjoy.

PLA-BANO - a word created that combines "Play" and "Bano". Bano" - is a term/ short form slang referring to Rebana, used amongst the practitioners. The pronunciation of "PLA" can also be understood by the short form slang of the word KEPALA which refers to our "Head".

PLA-BANO can also refer to "Rebana Head".

Original Nadi Singapura repertoire includes:

  • 7etangga
  • Rampak Bebano
  • Tunduk Bayu
  • GEJAR "Gerak Jari" & many more

Begone the gloomy, get up and ready. Donā€™t miss ā€œPLA-BANOā€, inspired by the customs and traditions as practiced by the Malay community in Singapore and the Nusantara, crafted by Nadi Singapura.

Teochew Opera Pop-Up Performance äŗ¬å£č‰Æē¼˜ (by The Chinese Opera Studio)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue: Multipurpose Studio A & B
Time: 4pm to 4.10pm & 4.30pm to 4.40pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ 

With performances taking place on the streets before being performed in theatres, the Chinese Opera Studio believes in the power of opera singing and bringing people together.

Visit their studio (between 1pm to 6pm) to discover more about the art of Chinese Opera singing and experience the community spirit of opera-loving friends and enthusiasts!

Performance and Artist Talks (by Chowk Productions)

Photo Credit: Tan Ngiap Heng

Venue: #03-08
Time: 4pm to 4.45pm & 6pm to 6.45pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ with Registration

Join Chowk Productions as they present an engaging dance performance followed by conversations with the artists themselves, starting with a classical Odissi performance by company dancers and accompanied by an open improvisation jam with live music by musician Rush Ang (Disco Hue).


Open Classes (by Chowk Productions)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue:Ā #03-08
Time: 12pm to 1pm (for Kids) | 1.30pm to 2.30pm (for Adults)
Admission:Ā FreeĀ with Registration

Chowk Productions welcomes you home to their very own studio in Aliwal Arts Centre! Hop in for their open classes and join in the dance community through two Odissi classes for both kids and adults.

Engage the dancers in conversation after and learn more about what they do and why theyĀ love doing what they do best - dance!

Improv Taster Session (by The Improv Company)

Photo Credit: Yeo Wei Lun

Venue: The Nook Studio, #02-05
Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm & 4pm to 6pmĀ 
Admission:Ā $20 (excl booking fees) | Purchase ticket(s) here

Tell engaging (or even hilarious) stories on the fly! This ticketed workshop is a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvisational theatre, a popular form of scriptless storytelling.

Weā€™ll explore the core principles behind performative improv and why they are as applicable in daily life as on stage. Youā€™ll then get to try out a few simple games andĀ exercises to put these principles into practice. By the end of the session, attendees will better appreciate how improv can help build skills in lateral thinking, collaborative teamwork, and public speaking. No theatre experience is required, and laughter is guaranteed!

Viewpoints: An Experience Workshop (by Nine Years Theatre)

Photo Credit: Nine Years Theatre

Venue: #02-09
Time: 2pm to 2.45pm & 5pm to 5.45pmĀ 
Admission:Ā Free with Registration

Through a series of simple exercises, participants will be introduced to Viewpoints - a training method that actors use to develop awareness of their mind and body in relation to the environment.

Come with an open mind and join us in exploring the different elements of Viewpoints such as Shapes and Movement in this experiential workshop! No acting/theatre experience required.

The Everyday Vinyl ā€“ Collage Workshops (by DASSAD)

Photo Credit: DASSAD

Venue:Ā #02-04
Time: 4pm to 4.45pm & 5.15pm to 6pm
Admission:Ā Free with Registration

DASSAD will be hosting drop-in collage workshops as part of The Everyday Vinyl, collaging on scavenged and donated notebooks. The project offers hands-on sessions for audiences of all ages to gather and get creative with shapes and colour, while learning about sustainable efforts in repurposing unwanted vinyl stickers into art. You will be able to keep the notebook after collaging it!

The Everyday Vinyl is a series of work by DASSAD that ruminates on the hyperobject of the plastic, concentrating on a particular material - the ubiquitous vinyl. The work has taken the form of public installations, workshops, community-based programmes and visual arts exhibitions to date.

Open Studios

Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation (by Hothouse)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue: #02-10
Time:Ā 12pm to 4pm
Admission:Ā Free

Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation delves into the speculative ecologies of the everyday and responds to the immediate vicinity of Hothouse (Aliwal Arts Centre), situated within Kampong Glam neighbourhood.

Memory Theatre: Immersive VR Experience (by Hothouse)

Venue:Ā #02-10
Time:Ā 12pm to 4pm |Ā slots available at 15-min intervals
Admission:Ā Free withĀ Registration

Looking into the diagramming and expansion of memory with Hothouse as a starting point, this project serves as a theatre of memory, where latent traces and impressions of the locale are collected by artistā€“traceurs Rafi Abdullah, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Ruby Jayseelan and Safuan Johari. Experience a digital environment which incorporates the unique artistic interests of the four practitioners from different fields including sound design, 3D media art, and movement, and provides a space for collected elements to convolute and coalesce.

The Open Studio acts as a prelude to the live activations with artistā€“traceurs Ruby Jayaseelan "Otherā€ and Rafi Abdullah ā€œThree Birds, One Stoneā€ which takes place on 27 January 2024, 7.30pm.

Audience members who would like to venture into the virtual Memory Theatre can pre-register for a free 15-minute immersive experience via VR headset. This will be broadcasted live in the studio to fellow audience members.

This interdisciplinary and prototyping project is initiated by Hothouse (Currency Design, formAxioms and INTERā€“MISSION) and supported by Teater Ekamatra - their first collaboration tapping on their shared history with #02-10 in Aliwal Arts Centre.

Open Studio (by New Opera Singapore)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue:Ā #02-03
Time:Ā 12pm to 7pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ 

New Opera Singapore is proud to be curating two Open Studio Classes as part of Aliwal Art Centreā€™s Urban Art Festival 2024: Acting 101 (3pm & 5pm) and Basics of Voice (4pm & 6pm) classes will be held on 27 January 2024 (Saturday) at the New Opera Singapore Studio at Aliwal Arts Centre, #02-03.

Have you ever been curious about the world of classical singing? Participate in the 45-minute Basics of Voice open studio class for an opportunity to explore and acquire fundamental vocal exercises and singing techniques.

Discover the fundamentals of constructing characters and practising improvisation in the 45-minute introductory Acting 101 open studio session. Participate in exercises commonly employed by actors to immerse themselves in roles and partake in improvisational activities toĀ enhance your confidence on stage.

Open Studio (by Wolfsloth (Gabriel De Souza) & Chris Chai)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue:Ā #02-08
Time:Ā 12pm to 7pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ 

Step into the artistā€™s space of Nimble Mystic Studio to have a glimpse of what Wolfsloth (Gabriel De Souza) and Chris Chai have been working on.

With a showcase of past notable artworks, visitors will be able to view works of art they are working on and take home some merch from friends of the artists after!

Feel free to pop into the studio space to interact with the artists themselves, understand their working styles, inspirations and how they work across varying mediums create works of art.

Open Studio by Kalpavriksha Fine Arts (with Live Demonstrations)

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue:Ā #02-02
Time:Ā 2pm to 8pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ 

Join Kalpavriksha's Open Studio session, delving into a Bharatanatyam class highlighting Abhinaya, the art of expression. Experience firsthand exploration of this intriguing aspect and touch on Layam, the pace and rhythm within movements and music.

Live demonstrations in studio:

  • 3pm to 3.30pm
  • 5pm to 5.30pm

Open Studio by The Chinese Opera Studio (with Live Demonstrations)

Venue:Ā #03-02
Time:Ā 1pm to 6pm
Admission:Ā Free

With performances taking place on the streets before being performed in theatres, the Chinese Opera Studio believes in the power of opera singing and bringing people together.

Visit their studio for a sneak peek into the process of getting ready for pop-up performances taking place at 4pm and 4.30pm at the Multipurpose Studio at level 1. Stay on to discover more about the art of Chinese Opera singing, and experience the community spirit of opera-loving friends and enthusiasts!

Live demonstrations of Chinese opera make-up in the studio:

  • 2pm to 3pm
  • 3pm to 4pm

Pop-up performances in Multipurpose Studios A&B, level 1:

  • 4pm to 4.10pm: Pop-upĀ performance: äŗ¬å£č‰Æē¼˜
  • 4.30pm to 4.40pm: Pop-up performance: äŗ¬å£č‰Æē¼˜

Open Studio (by Nine Years Theatre 九幓剧åœŗ)

Photo Credit: Crispian Chan

Venue:Ā #02-09
Time:Ā 3pm to 5pm
Admission:Ā Free

Drop by the studio of Nine Years Theatre to get acquainted with their works. Make yourself comfortable and watch excerpts of their past productions including recent ones such as See You, Anniversary, Electrify My World and First Fleet, as well as their first few productions such as Twelve Angry Men and ART.


GraffFIGHT X ā€“ AUAF 2024 Edition (by RSCLS)

Venue: Courtyards A & B
Time: 12pm to 5pm
Admission: Free

2024 marks the celebration of GraffFIGHT, Singaporeā€™s premier graffiti battle platform. Featuring graffiti writers from neighbouring Batam, this seasonā€™s GraffFIGHT X will holdĀ its preliminary battles in both Batam and Singaporeā€™s The Blackbook Studio, with the winners battling for supremacy in the finals at the Aliwal Arts Centre during Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2024.

Join in the excitement to see who will reign supreme in this battle of creativity!

New Feature Wall Mural (by RSCLS)

Venue:Ā Side Wall
Time:Ā 12pm to 6pm
Admission:Ā Free

Itā€™s the time of the year again to refresh the side faƧade of the Aliwal Arts Centre: this time featuring collaborations between Singapore and international visual artists. Join us at the Aliwal Urban Art Festival to witness our newest addition ā€“ a breathtaking mural wall that pulses with youthful energy and artistic ingenuity.

Donā€™t forget to snap a few shots of the finished wall mural and tag us in your socials!

AUAF24: Live Painting (by RSCLS)

Venue: Back Wall & Side Alley
Time:Ā 12pm to 6pm
Admission:Ā Free

Watch graffiti artists in action as they transform the Back Wall and Side Alley of Aliwal Arts Centre into their own original vision.

Get to observe the creative process of these artists in action and take a chance to soak in the stimulating atmosphere!

Walking Tour

Dā€™TOUR (curated by RSCLS)

Venue: Information Booth
Time: 4.30pm, 5.30pm & 6.30pm
Admission: Free with Registration

Sign up for Dā€™TOUR by RSCLS and see the enclave of Kampong Gelam with different eyes in thisĀ alternative walking tour that tells the history of this rich and vibrant neighbourhood through its murals and street art.

Meeting point of the tour will be at the information booth, located at the level 1 courtyard of Aliwal Arts Centre. (Duration: 60 mins)


The 10 Year Series - Retrospective of 10 years of AUAF ART, SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT, REBEL DAUGHTERS (curated by RSCLS)

Venue: Music Studio
Date:Ā 25 to 28 Jan 2024
Time: 12pm to 7pm
Admission:Ā FreeĀ 

The RSCLS Collective has had a long-standing involvement and partnership in Aliwal Urban Art Festival (AUAF) since it started in 2014.

In this edition, RSCLS opens the festival with a retrospective exhibition featuring 10 years of archival works and images of all programmes created and partnered by RSCLS, including past editions of AUAF. This exhibition captures the moments and spirit of the urban art movement through the lens of AUAF and other RSCLS programmes such as with Solidarity Movement, GraffFIGHT, Rebel Daughters and more.

Paying homage to DIY Punk zine aesthetics with images wheatpasted as posters on walls, a special 10 Year Series DIY handmade zine will also be published for the exhibition, as well as live silk-screening demonstrations of new artworks created for the exhibition by RSCLS and several artists involved in past editions of AUAF.

Other Programmes

Live Activation: Memory Theatre with Ruby Jayaseelan (ā€œOtherā€) & Rafi Abdullah (ā€œThree Birds, One Stoneā€)

Venue:Ā #02-10
Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Admission:Ā $15 | Purchase tickets here

Embodied traces of memory that have been displaced, coalesce in an unexpected assemblage of non-human actors.

The traces of Ruby Jayaseelanā€™s movement capture is translated into surrealistic scenes while Rafi Abudullah taps on the birds that are common to the vicinity of Kampong Gelam as narrators of itsā€™ history.

Looking into non-human beings and non-human parts of beings that come, go and stay in the locality. Soil, trees, air, birds, spirits, ancestors, and much more. What stories and emotions do they still hold? How does one move the other? How much autonomy is there? What remains after transformation?

Three Birds, One Stone
The contributed work will take the shape of a creative and proto-speculative writing through the perspectives of a crow, a pigeon, and a rooster.

The contribution text will dive into the socio-historical makeup of the precinct that the three birds inhabit.

The work will 1) think through the abandoned Muslim cemetery that crows congregate as a fork forĀ mediating alternative historiography, 2) the social spaces of coffee shops often flocked by pigeons as an interrogation of the social dynamics of the space, 3) as well as the roosters found around Aliwal as a probe into communality and other ways of citizenry. In doing so, the work will hopefully offer us the opportunity to negotiate mapping the space through non-human agents.

For the full programme line-up, including latest updates, ticketing and more details, please visit this link.


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