A Unique Glamping Experience With River Safari's Mesmerising Manatees

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Go on a unique glamping experience at the River Safari's Glamping with the Manatees programme! It combines an enriching day out with a night in the company of the mesmerising manatees at the Amazon Flooded Forest! 

Where: River Safari, Amazon Flooded Forest
Date: 2-Day-1-Night Stay between 21 - 27 Dec 2020
Price: From $699 per tent (sleeps 4 persons)

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Pack your bags and dive into a magical 2 days 1 night underwater glamping adventure! Enjoy exclusive, fun-filled wildlife experiences in the day, then meet Canola and her family in an intimate sleepover experience at the Amazon Flooded Forest.


  • River Explorer Trail
    • Explore the River Safari's Rivers of the World trail and visit the Giant Pandas at the bamboo forest
  • Reserve Seating at the Once Upon a River! Show
    • Catch the much-loved Once Upon a River! show, and get to know the animal family!¬†
  • Squirrel Monkey Forest
    • Get an up-close¬†and personal with one of the tiniest and cheekiest primate¬†species‚ÄĒthe squirrel monkeys!¬†
  • Meet a Mystery Animal Friend
    • Mingle with a mystery animal,¬†followed by dinner under the stars.

Glamping with the Manatees

As night falls, retreat to the tranquil Amazon Flooded Forest, where the world’s largest freshwater aquarium houses majestic West Indian manatees, arapaima and a host of other freshwater fish. 

Unwind over a manatee-inspired activity and learn interesting facts about them, such as how 24 manatee calves have been welcomed since this species was first introduced in 1994.

Drift off to sleep in the air-conditioned surroundings, snuggled in the comfort of a glamping tent complete with cushy mattresses and other amenities while the manatees float gracefully by.

Toilets will be just 15mins away, but remember to bring your own amenities! Get more details and book your family's spot here!

*Photo Credits: Wildlife Reserves Singapore



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