A Date With Tradition Set To Return For Its Third Edition At Stamford Arts Centre With A Slew Of Free Traditional Arts Activities

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Families can look forward to two evenings of captivating performances, hands-on activities and artist showcases by local traditional arts groups.

Venue: Stamford Arts Centre
Date: 25 to 26 Aug 2023
Time: 5pm to 11pm
Fee: Free Admission

A Date with Tradition

Organised by Arts House Limited (AHL) and held in conjunction with the Singapore Night Festival (SNF), A Date with Tradition will return for its third edition at Stamford Arts Centre (SAC) presenting over 15 free traditional arts programmes and activities. Families are invited to immerse themselves in the beauty and richness of traditional arts during the last weekend of SNF from 25 to 26 August 2023. Here's taking a closer look at what you and your family can look forward to at this year's A Date with Tradition:


In celebration of our nation’s multicultural arts, SAC will be enlivened with dynamic performances including a cross-cultural collaboration between Chinese chamber ensemble Ding Yi Music Company and Malay dance company P7:1SMA, titled Kedai Sinseh. Inspired by the medicinal shops around the area, the two SAC tenants have come together to create three performances that seek to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul of audiences.

Other inspirational performances to delight in include a spirited Peranakan dance performance by Dance Ensemble Singapore titled Colours of Nanyang, powerful Indian classical dance movements by SAC tenant Shantha Ratii Initiatives, Chinese Opera by Traditional Arts Centre and many more.

Interactive Activities

Those looking to try their hand at unique traditional arts practices can look forward to a wide range of interactive activities, such as a Community Batik Project by Kamal Artshop that invites participants to collaborate in creating a large piece of batik art, and A Glimpse of Minhwa Art by Singapore Association of Minhwa Art where participants can try out Minhwa colouring.

Want to bring home a piece of tradition? Learn the history of different traditional Chinese knots through the workshop A Peek into Traditional Chinese Knots by Wearable Craft, and visit local artist Chee Sau Fern’s open studio and discover the practice of creating headwear pieces through fresh expressions of disappearing craft traditions.

Art Installations

Photo Credits: Arts House Limited

Come nightfall, SAC will be illuminated with A Global Bugis Phinisi, an installation by local artist Tay Swee Siong and X O X (two kisses and a hug) by Critical Craft Collective, from 18 to 27 August 2023, as part of SNF. 

A Global Bugis Phinisi¬†is inspired by the Indonesian sailing vessels utilised by Bugis-Makassar people for trade in the early 19th century while¬†X O X (two kisses and a hug)¬†is inspired by Singapore‚Äôs rich flora and the Sanskrit term for play, Lila (ŗ§≤ŗ•Äŗ§≤ŗ§ĺ), drawing participants of all ages to the seesaws like moths to light.

For more information on the various programmes and activities, you may visit the SAC website.


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