4 Cartoon Network TV Programmes To Watch And Sing Your Heart Out This Christmas!

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Cartoon Network has lined-up a series of awesome TV shows, singalongs, musicals (and more!) for everyone's enjoyment at home with its "So Much Christmas" specials.

School's out, and looking for fun and wholesome stay-home activities to keep the kiddos entertained and occupied this year-end holiday and Christmas season? Well, fret no more!

Here are 4 not-to-be-missed Cartoon Network TV programmes that will get everyone's vocal chords warmed up, and keep the jolly spirit going:

1. We Bare Bears: The Movie

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network

When: 5 Dec 2020, 5pm (followed by singalong specials after the movie)

Did you know We Bare Bears is the first Cartoon Network show to be based on a webcomic which was created by US-Singaporean Daniel Chong? Ice Bear is the youngest bro, Panda is the middle child, and Grizz is the oldest. The theme song to the series is sung by Grammy-winner Estelle who also voices Garnet in Steven Universe. Nobody calls Ice Bear by name, except for Ice Bear himself.

Can’t get enough of the three bear-bros? Tune-in to the movie and stay for the singalong specials afterwards.

2. Steven Universe: The Movie

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network

When: 13 Dec 2020, 5pm (followed by singalong specials after the movie)

Two years after bringing peace to the galaxy, Steven Universe thinks his time defending Earth is over. However, a new threat arises. He sees his past return to haunt him in the form of a deranged Gem who wants to destroy the Earth. Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

Join Steven and friends in singalong moments during the block and look out for familiar tunes like “The Tale Of Steven”, “Let Us Adore You” and “Finale” in Broadway style. More singalong specials will follow right after the movie.

3. Running Man - The Ultimate Challenge

Photo Credit: The Running Man Cartoon network fans / Facebook

When: 19 Dec 2020, 5pm

Did you know that the award-winning variety show, Running Man, is also an animated cartoon series? It features the seven cast members in animal form where they compete in the Animal Kingdom. Catch them in action as the series develops into a movie. On another exciting note, don’t forget to sing along to the theme song, sung by EXO-CBX!  

4. Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network

When: 19 Dec 2020, 6.30pm

Loved by many, ‘Elf: The Buddy’s Musical Christmas’ is a stop-motion animation musical on how Buddy’s unrelenting cheer transformed the lives of New Yorkers. His also showed his father the magic of the holiday in the most magical way. It is a musical movie for families to enjoy all together!

Cartoon Network is available on Starhub Ch 316 and Singtel Ch 226.


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