PastaMania Launches All-New Ready-To-Eat Pasta Sauce Packets

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PastaMania lovers can now enjoy their favourite pastas anywhere at any time of the day with PastaMania's brand new Ready-To-Eat Pasta Sauce Packets!

Available in PastaMania's signature pasta flavours, Beef Bolognese and Beef Meatballs, these delicious, fuss-free packets consist of fresh, fully cooked ingredients ready to be consumed within minutes, by heating up in a microwave, steeped in a hot water bath, or poured in a pan and warmed over the stove.

Simply enjoy it with your favourite pasta, noodles or rice, or enhance your quick meal with your favourite toppings.

PastaMania’s Ready-To-Eat Pasta Sauce Packets are the perfect go-to for quick and satisfying meals on busy days at home and in the office, or to satiate that midnight pasta craving. 


The Flavours

Beef Bolognese ($9.80)

This meaty pasta sauce comes with savoury minced beef cooked with a medley of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, garlic, onions, carrots and celery, and seasoned with herbs. Pour over your favourite pasta and enjoy the taste of Italy!

Beef Meatballs ($9.80)

A flavoursome sauce with tender beef meatballs slow-cooked to perfection in a rich, tangy tomato sauce, fresh garlic, onions and herbs ‚Äď it is great on its own or with pasta.

Where To Get Them

These Ready-To-Eat Sauce Packets are now available at FairPrice Finest Gourmet at Balmoral Plaza, and these selected FairPrice Finest stores:

1. FairPrice Finest 111 Somerset
2. FairPrice Finest Amara (100AM)
3. FairPrice Finest Artra
4. FairPrice Finest Bukit Panjang Plaza
5. FairPrice Finest Changi City Point
6. Fairprice Finest Hougang St 21
7. FairPrice Finest Jewel @ Changi Airport
8. Fairprice Finest Katong Village Hotel
9. FairPrice Finest Marine Parade Central
10. FairPrice Finest myVillage at Serangoon Garden
11. FairPrice Finest The Clementi Mall
12. FairPrice Finest The Seletar Mall
13. FairPrice Finest Tiong Bahru Plaza
14. FairPrice Finest Valley Point
15. FairPrice Finest Waterway Point
16. FairPrice Finest Zhongshan Park

Do stay tuned for more exciting flavours coming soon!


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