KFC Celebrates National Day with the Satisfyingly Local Favourite, KFC’s Cereal Chicken!

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Be prepared to enjoy KFC's Hot & Crispy Chicken and the iconic local flavour of irresistible buttery, sweet and savoury cereal bits that can be enjoyed in a specially-designed box!

Dates: 10 Jul - 22 Aug 2023

Creating a craze since its first launch in 2019, the delectable treat combines a tasty blend of buttery cereal specially made with Nestum, aromatic curry leaves, and fresh chilies to bring out the perfect balance of sweet and savory for a mouth-watering bite each time.

A Familiar Taste

KFC fans will rejoice as they savor the familiar taste of a favorite local flavor generously coated over KFC's signature Hot & Crispy Chicken that is fried to golden perfection and tossed in its special spice seasoning.

To further enjoy the crumbly goodness, from 17 July 2023, KFC's Cereal Chicken will be packed in a limited-edition one-of-a-kind box with a perforated portion specially designed for customers to pour out the addictive cereal bits for an added burst of flavor.

The Cereal Chicken comes in ala-carte and as 2-pc, 4-pc and family sets.



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