Joe’s Singapore Seltzer - Singapore’s First Locally-Brewed Hard Seltzer

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A refreshing and low-calorie alcoholic beverage with all-natural flavours for a growing segment of health conscious consumers. 

Local independent brewery Trouble Brewing launched the Joe’s Singapore Seltzer, the first-ever locally-brewed hard seltzer. The alcoholic drink is available in three delicious, all-natural flavours - Lime, Peach, and Grapefruit. 

What Is Hard Seltzer

Seltzer is basically carbonated water, or water that has been infused with carbon dioxide to give it a fizzy taste. And Hard Seltzer is a combination of carbonated water with alcohol and fruit flavoring. 

Meeting The Demand For A Healthier Option

Joe’s Singapore Seltzer is brewed and fermented with champagne yeast and 100% organic Blue Weber agave - a plant-based sweetener with low glycaemic index sourced directly from Mexico. Through a thorough brewing process, Joe’s Seltzer is fermented to 4.8% ABV - similar to a beer - while remaining sugar-free and enhanced with all-natural flavour extracts for an authentic fruity, tropical taste. 

Hard Seltzer is gaining popularity in the US and other countries,as consumers increasingly look towards beverages with a refreshing taste and healthier profile. Each Joe's 330ml bottle is also gluten-free and just 94kcal, making it suitable for everyone, any occasion, and time of day!

*While touted as a healthier choice, it is after-all an alcoholic drink (and at the same alcoholic content as a beer) and we advise to drink in moderation. 

How It Taste

The three flavours of Joe’s Seltzer - Lime, Peach and Grapefruit - have been developed to perfectly complement the vibrant food scene and hot weather of Singapore PLUS the refreshing fizzy drink makes it a great cooler too!

The taste is mild across all flavours and you probably won't taste the flavours immediately, except for Peach where the smell is quite obvious. 

It is an easy-to-drink alternative to a beer or wine during a meal and during any family hangouts. It doesn't make you feel bloated (like beer) and I can see how mummies will enjoy this drink (and not feel guilty about the calories too). 

A bit of a warning - it doesn't taste alcoholic and you might not feel like you are having an alcoholic drink - but it is and it the alcoholic content is the same as a beer. So just keep this in mind while enjoying the drink! 

Where To Buy

Joe’s Seltzer retails at a promotional price of $96.00 for a case (24 bottles) with the option for a mixed case to try each flavour. Joe’s Seltzer can be delivered direct to your door with same-day island-wide delivery on all orders placed before 5pm (Sun-Weds) and 7pm (Thurs-Sat). Delivery is free for orders above $60. Find out more at 



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