How deep is Singapore’s love for boba? Deliveroo’s Densi-TEA Report spills the tea

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In celebration of National Bubble Tea Day (30 April), Deliveroo has dug into its data from the past year to put together a Densi-TEA Report.

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National Bubble Tea Day is fast approaching on 30 April. To commemorate this pearl-licious day, Deliveroo has dug into its data from the past year to put together a Densi-TEA Report. What are some of Singaporeans’ favourite bubble tea brands? Which area of Singapore can proudly stake the claim of having the most bubble tea orders? Deliveroo’s report has all the tea on the unofficial national beverage.

The Little Red Boba Dot: A true melting pot of bubble teas

From homegrown names such as Each-a-Cup to well-loved overseas brands such as KOI ThĂ© and Gong Cha, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice. In fact, there are a whopping 130 outlets to order from on Deliveroo! KOI lovers will be glad to hear that their favoured brand takes the crown for the ‘Most Accessible Bubble Tea Brand’ on Deliveroo, with 74 outlets islandwide.

It comes as no surprise then that in the past year, KOI Thé sold enough bubble tea cups on Deliveroo to fill 30 kiddie pools. Rounding up the top three brands with the most outlets on Deliveroo are Each-a-Cup with 44 outlets and Gong Cha with 31.

The ‘Region with the Most Boba Orders’ award goes to...

There’s nothing that brings Singaporeans together like the age-old debate between Easties and Westies: Which side of the island is better? When it comes to bubble tea, the Western part of the island (specifically Bukit Timah and Queenstown districts) came out tops with the most number of bubble tea outlets islandwide. Even though the Pasir Ris area takes last place with the fewest stores, residents in the North-Eastern regions (Sengkang and Punggol) can proudly fly their “bubble tea” flags high for having the highest number of orders - enough to fill close to 300 Deliveroo delivery bags! - in the past year.

Move over wine, Singaporeans turn to bubble tea to unwind at night and on weekends

Is a comforting cup of bubble tea the perfect antidote to unwind after a tiresome day or welcome the weekend? It seems that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”, as affirmed by Deliveroo’s data.

The most popular time for Singaporeans to get their bubble tea fix is during dinnertime and on Saturday nights.

Nothing can beat the OG flavours we know and love

While everyone’s favourite drink comes in a dizzying number of flavours and variations, Singaporeans prefer sticking to the good ol’ classic traditional milk tea.

The top go-to drinks on Deliveroo are KOI’s Milk Tea, Gong Cha’s Pearl Milk Tea, Each-a-Cup’s Milk Tea, Bober Tea’s Bubble Milk Tea, Share Tea’s Okinawa Milk Tea, Xing Fu Tang’s Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk and The Whale Tea’s Perfect Grapefruit Tea. The original bubble tea flavour is so popular that the biggest bubble tea order last year, worth $300, consisted of 79 Pearl Milk Tea from Gong Cha!

Whether you are on ‘Team Classic’ or ‘Team Experimental’, satisfy your boba craving with Deliveroo this National Bubble Tea Day. With 130 stores to choose from, a cup of boba goodness is just a click of a button away. To sweeten the experience, choose from a selection of deals to enjoy with family and friends at home.

National Bubble Tea Day promotions on Deliveroo

From 2 April, get your hands on KOI’s latest concoction, Fruity Green Tea ($6.50 for the Medium Size, $8.50 for the Large Size) at selected outlets. A fruitilicious blend of freshly brewed Jasmine Green Tea and luscious fruit jam made of fresh fruits such as apple, pineapple, lemon, lime and orange, the drink is made without artificial ingredients, preservatives or water - perfect for a post-meal refresher.

The Fruity Green Tea is available for purchase at all KOI outlets (including KOI Express) islandwide, except Northpoint City and Raffles City outlets. Northpoint City and Raffles City outlets will be carrying the Fruity Green Tea Lite with a slight variance.

That’s not all! From 29 April to 1 May, Deliveroo customers can enjoy:

  • 20% off selected items with a minimum spend of $20 at KOI ThĂ© and KOI ThĂ© Express
    • Do note that this promotion is only applicable for orders of:
      • KOI ThĂ©: Milk Tea, Green Milk Tea or Oolong Milk Tea with Golden Bubble toppings
      • KOI ThĂ© Express: Milk Tea, Green Milk Tea or Four Seasons Milk Tea with JumBo pearl toppings
  • 15% off full menu with a minimum spend of $10 at Hey Long Cha
  • 20% off selected items at Purple Panda
  • 20% off full menu with a minimum spend of $25 when they order from Forbidden Tea’s Marymount Community Club outlet



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