Dive Into Delicious Dumpling Delights And Deals With Mr Bean This Dragon Boat Festival!

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Celebrate this year’s Dragon Boat Festival and indulge in a healthier choice of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dumplings at Mr Bean!

Availability: In-stores islandwide and online from now till 3 June 2022

Dumplings for Days!

This year, Mr Bean presents 3 vegetarian and allium-free delights that are made fresh daily with high quality ingredients to ensure you’ll only get the best.

Brown Rice Dumpling

Indulge in healthier dumplings with Mr Bean’s Brown Rice Dumpling ($7.20), higher in whole grains and is chock full of deliciously healthy ingredients, featuring hedgehog mushrooms, black beans, peanuts and kidney beans encased in organic brown rice.

Nonya Dumpling

A classic choice and crowd-favourite, the Nonya Dumpling ($4.60) is filled with sticky glutinous rice, sweet candied melons and mushroom stems and textured vegetable proteins for a meaty bite. What’s more, these dumplings are vegan-friendly, perfect for anyone to indulge in!

Mushroom & Chestnut Dumpling

Photo Credits: Mr Bean

The Mushroom & Chestnut Dumpling ($4.60) is filled with savoury mushrooms, moreish chestnuts and mock meat, making it a wholesome option. Packed with yummy umami flavours, these dumplings are just like the Nonya dumplings and are vegan too!

Dumpling Online Deals

From now till 22 May 2022, place your orders online to enjoy a slew of savings and offers! Save 10% off your order when you buy any 6 dumplings and get a free cooler bag with any purchase of a bundle of 12 dumplings. 

Dumpling In-Store Deals

  • Nonya Dumpling + Classic Soya Milk (Hot/Cold) 16oz or Viet Coffee (Hot) 8oz: $5.60 (U.P.$6.60)

  • Mushroom & Chestnut Dumpling + Classic Soya Milk (Hot/Cold) 16oz or Viet Coffee (Hot) 8oz: $5.60 (U.P.$6.60)

  • Brown Rice Dumpling + Classic Soya Milk (Hot/Cold) 16oz or Viet Coffee (Hot) 8oz: $8.20 (U.P.$9.20)


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