Deliveroo And BURGER KING Bring Back Good Ol’ Fun This National Day With Brand-New Rendang WHOPPER, An Exclusive Funpack And More!

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What better way to celebrate the nation’s 57th birthday with good ol’ fun and local traditions put together by Deliveroo and BURGER KING!

Photo Credit: Deliveroo

Foodies can look forward to enjoying an exclusive first taste of not one but three Rendang burgers (including the brand-new Rendang WHOPPER), an exclusive funpack and many more local delights!

Exclusive First Taste Of 3 Rendang Burgers, Including The All-New Rendang WHOPPER

Availability: 22 to 25 Jul 2022 via Deliveroo, 25 Jul - 28 Aug at BURGER KING Outlets

There is no better way to celebrate the nation’s 57th birthday than with good ol’ fun and local traditions exclusively launched by Deliveroo And BURGER KING.

Rendang fans can look forward to an exclusive first taste three mouth-watering flame-grilled Rendang Burgers:

  • Classic Rendang Tendergrill Chicken Burger
  • Double Rendang Beef Burger
  • [NEW] Rendang WHOPPER

Brand-New Rendang WHOPPER

Fully stacked with saucy goodness, the all-new Rendang WHOPPER features a juicy flame-grilled beef patty. Drenched in BURGER KING‚Äôs signature, aromatic Rendang sauce that will make you go, ‚ÄúSedap!‚ÄĚ, the patty is paired with crisp lettuce, freshly sliced onions and sandwiched between toasted sesame buns.

[Promo] Rendang WHOPPER Upsized Meal @$11.05

At just $11.05 for the Rendang WHOPPER upsized meal, the locally-flavoured burger comes with large fries and a medium Sjora to complete the Rendang-licious experience!

[Promo] National Day Meal @ $5.70

From 9 to 12 August 2022, diners can enjoy the BURGER KING special National Day Promotion featuring the Single Rendang Beef Burger and Rendang Chicken Burger value meal (includes a MILO) at a special National Day price of $5.70. 

Deliveroo x BURGER KING Exclusive Funpack!

Availability: 22 to 25 Jul 2022 via Deliveroo from BURGER KING's Jurong Point, Seletar Mall, Tampines Mall, Viva Business Park and Yishun Town Square outlets

Relieve your fun childhood memories with a side of rendang! To celebrate the return of the BURGER KING Rendang Burger exclusively on Deliveroo, the first 50 customers to order the Deliveroo Exclusive WHOPPER Whopper Meal on the app will receive a limited edition funpack.

The Deliveroo x BURGER KING funpack features a locally inspired design in iconic Deliveroo teal and BURGER KING red - a collectible for burger lovers all around town! The funpack contains nostalgia-inducing traditional games (i.e., five stones and chapteh) that Singaporeans of all ages can enjoy at home.

Limited-Edition Local Delights

Availability: 22 to 25 Jul 2022 via Deliveroo, from 25 Jul - 28 Aug at BURGER KING Outlets

Feeling adventurous? BURGER KING is also releasing limited-time only items in celebration of National Day!

Rendang Shake ($6.40)

There’s nothing like a Rendang Shake for a delicious snack - enjoy a choice of your favourite side of BK Nuggets and fries or Mexican drumlets with a generous amount of rendang sauce.

Pulut Hitam Pie ($2.50)

They say there’s always room for dessert, especially when it’s a hot and crispy Pulut Hitam Pie, packed with a go-to local sweet treat - black glutinous rice.

Share Share Bucket ($15.40)

Hosting a NDP watch party? The Share Share Bucket should be a staple in your celebrations. Perfect for sharing, it includes

  • 12pcs BK Nuggets
  • 5pcs Mexican drumlets
  • 1 large onion rings
  • 3 types of sauces: BBQ, Japanese Curry and Rendang

[Promo] Deliveroo Exclusive WHOPPER Bundle for 2 ($26.90)

Food always tastes better when you share it with a friend. Go rendang crazy with your Rendang Kaki and feast on the Deliveroo Exclusive WHOPPER Bundle for 2! The bundle available exclusively on the Deliveroo app includes:

  • 2 Rendang WHOPPER
  • 1 Large Onion Rings
  • 1 Pulut Hitam Pie
  • 1 Rendang Shake
  • 2 Small Sjora¬†


To make National Day extra special for everyone,¬†BURGER KING¬†gives back this August with an online fundraiser in support of Club Rainbow. With every donation, donors will receive a digital artwork,¬†created by design agency, in collaboration with a Club Rainbow beneficiary, Tell Your Children. The artwork showcases Singaporeans assembling the Rendang WHOPPER¬†together reflecting the spirit of community, unity and the¬†kampung¬†spirit.¬†The artwork draws a parallel between Singapore‚Äôs melting pot of cultures and all the unique spices that go into a delicious Rendang sauce ‚Äď just as each ingredient contributes to the complexity of flavours of the sauce, every community in Singapore plays an important role in building a vibrant and diverse nation.

Hosted on, the fundraising campaign will go live on 1 August 2022.  

From 6 to 9 Aug, Diners can also upsize their meals at BURGER KING, and¬†NeŐĀstle Singapore and BURGER KING¬†will together donate $0.50 to Club Rainbow with all proceeds and donations going directly to Club Rainbow.¬†


For more up-to-date information, check out BURGER KING's Facebook page.


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