Swee Heng Launches An All-New Trendsetting Bagel Concept Store, Bae.Gal

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Bae.Gal is a bagel haven offering an impressive assortment of over 30 flavours - from the savoury to the sweet, and the understated to the indulgent.

Bae.Gal: A Trendsetting Bagel Concept Store by Swee Heng

Swee Heng, a stalwart bakery brand with over 30 years of expertise, proudly introduces Bae.Gal – a trendsetting bagel concept store that has just opened its doors at Century Square, offering an extensive variety of freshly-baked bagels infused with distinct Asian twists.

Impressive Assortment Of Over 30 Flavours

From the savoury to the sweet, the understated to the indulgent, Bae.Gal's diverse selection caters to every palate. These unique creations are a result of intensive research and development, in particular, the use of Anchor Butter which renders Bae.Gal’s characteristic soft texture and rich flavour. Here's taking a closer look at some of the menu offerings at Bae.gal:

Basic Bagels

Starting off with the basics are the Plain Bagel ($2.30) and Multigrain Bagel ($2.60) – these serve as a versatile canvas for pairing with an array of spreads or toppings. Six spreads ($0.80 each) are available; including cream cheese, apple, kit kat, biscoff, strawberry, and blueberry.

Sweet Bagels

Cheese lovers will relish the likes of Garlic Cream Cheese Bagel ($3.60) brimming with a harmonious combo of slightly-sweetened cream cheese, roasted garlic, and parsley flakes – this is best slowly savoured chunk by chunk, Four Cheese Bagel ($3.80) crafted with a blend of Mozzarella and Emmental cheese cubes and crowned with Cheddar cheese, as well as Triple Cheese Honey Mochi ($3.80) – using honey mochi from Taiwan, it is the perfect bite that offers a fusion of sweet, salty and chewiness. These popular flavours are highly-recommended for those new to Bae.Gal as they are sure to leave one craving for more!

Other appealing choices such as a wholesome Beetroot Walnut Cranberry Bagel ($3.40), sweet Vienna Butter Sugar Bagel ($3.20) and toothsome Kaya Peanut Pandan Bagel ($3.40) are also available.

Savoury Bagels

In addition, Bae.Gal also has an enticing range of creative savoury options.

Besides a moreish Mashed Potato Mentaiko Bagel ($3.60) which combines the creaminess of mashed potatoes with the umami richness of mentaiko and a generous topping of cheese, other tempting treats include a comforting Taiwan Yammy Chicken Floss Bagel ($3.80), Snow Crab Mentaiko Bagel ($4.20) and Nonya Curry Chicken Bagel ($3.60), which pays homage to Singapore's local cuisine with an aromatic curry chicken filling.

Chilled Bagels

Perfect for satisfying sweet cravings, Bae.Gal’s chilled dessert bagels are a delightful treat.

A riff on the familiar local dessert of ‘orh nee’, Taro Pudding Bagel ($3.20) is an inventive bake that features steamed chunks of taro within a smooth and luscious taro pudding. Zesty Mango Yuzu Bagel ($3.20), Peach Cream Cheese Bagel ($3.20) and Dark Cherry Pistachio Chocolate Bagel ($3.20) are each filled generously with fresh fruits and sponge cake sandwiched between layers of fluffy whipped cream.

Other options for dessert bagels include the rich and creamy Cookies and Cream Bagel ($3.40), the nutty fusion of the Pistachio Chocolate & Cream Bagel ($4.00); or relish a refreshing burst of tropical flavours with the Fresh Mango Bagel ($4.20) and Fresh Fruit Bagel ($4.20).

Half-Sized Chilled & Sandwich Bagels

Photo Credits: Bae.Gal

Crafted in half-sized portions for convenience, the sandwich-style bagels are tailored for those seeking a light meal or snack and are perfect for enjoying on the go! Pick from four delectable flavours; Spicy Korean Chicken with Egg & Kimchi Bagel ($4.20), Chicken Cutlet with Egg & Cheese Bagel ($3.20), Chicken Ham with Cheese & Egg Bagel ($3.20), and Fish Fillet with Cheese & Egg Bagel ($3.20).


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