Whampoa Park - Playgrounds, Ninja Obstacle Course and More for Family Fun

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Named by the community as Whampoa Park, the new park will house a pets’ park, playgrounds for children, a Ninja Obstacle course, a 400-metre jogging track and an adult fitness corner too! 

Venue: Along Whampoa Road, between Whampoa Community Club and St Michael’s Bus Terminal
Opening Hours: 24 hours, lighting times TBC
Admission: Free

With ideas sourced from the Whampoa community, the Whampoa Park located between Whampoa Community Club and St Michael’s Bus Terminal opens with facilities suggested by the residents. 

Whampoa Park was given the name by the community and it houses a pets’ park, a boardwalk, a therapeutic garden with elderly fitness corners for seniors, a 400-metre jogging track and an adult fitness corner for the fitness enthusiasts, playgrounds for our children, and lots of open spaces to facilitate multiple uses.

In particular, the 2 playgrounds and Ninja Obstacle course might be most of interest for families to explore! 

Treehouse - Slides and Swings 

The Treehouse-themed playground is suitable for 5 to 12 years old and includes a main Treehouse structure for kids to climb and play in. There are many ways to make their way to the top of the Treehouse, including ladders and nets. 

From within the Treehouse, kids can climb through rope tunnels to make their way to the top, before sliding down spiral slides! 

Around the playground, you will also find beams and steps for balancing, a climbing wall and swings for more swinging fun! 

Jungle Play - Pretend and Active Play

For the younger ones (2 - 5 years old), head over to the Jungle Play area where kids can pretend to be explorers of the jungle - with a jungle jeep and giant dragonfly fly that adds to the experience! There even a log tunnel for kids to climb through too! 

On the main play structure, little ones can climb, balance and slide - giving them the opportunity to take part in active play. The structure is much lower compared to the Treehouse and would be suitable for the toddlers. 

At the Jungle Play area, there are also seated swings for young ones to enjoy too! 

Ninja Obstacle Course

Unique to the park is a Ninja Obstacle course with 5 stations or participants to overcome. The course is designed for 13+  and is not meant to be a playground equipment. 

The 5 stations are meant for participants to work on their fitness - from agility to balance. The stations are 

  • Ninja Steps
  • Traverse Wall
  • Balance Walk
  • Sway Steps
  • Agility Pods

Other Facilities

The park also includes an elderly fitness corner, jogging track, a boardwalk with viewing deck, a pet park, basketball court and more. There are also many sheltered seating areas for families to take a break between playtime too.

What to Bring

Remember to bring your water bottles if visiting. Kick scooters and balance bikes for the young ones too. We also suggest insect repellent and a small towel to clean up after play! 


The Whampoa Park is located along Whampoa Road, and between the Whampoa Community Club and St Michael’s Bus Terminal. 

Those that drive, may wish to park at the St Michael's Bus Terminal or at the multi-story carpark at Blk 112A Whampoa Road. 


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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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