Tampines GreenDew Playgrounds with Penguins and Cacti!

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Tampines GreenDew houses 2 uniquely themed playground that sparks imagination and a sense of adventure for the little ones playing there!

Venue: 647A Tampines St 62, Singapore 521647
Admission: Free 

Families visiting the Tampines GreenDew estate will discover 2 uniquely themed playgrounds, one filled with Penguins and another with Cacti for pretend play and a day out filled with adventure!

Penguin and Buoy Playground

Located next to the multistory carpark (Blk 647), the Penguin and Buoy Playground will let your little ones imagine themselves as explorers to the Artic! 

With buoy-themed structures, playful penguin elements, interactive educational components, and cozy seating areas, Tampines GreenDew offers an engaging play experience for young ones.

Kids¬†will have a blast with the buoy hammock, swinging back and forth and rocking side to side!‚Äč Or hide into one of the penguins when playing hide and seek!¬†

There's also a little buoy slide for kids to go sliding as well as many low climbing elements where kids can climb and imagine scaling an iceberg! 

The penguins are definitely great for photos too! So don't forget to capture your memories with them when you visit too!

Desert and Cacti Playground

Get ready to explore the exciting Desert Playground, designed for older kids seeking adventure. Located between blocks 648A and 647A, come and be inspired by the beauty of cacti, this playground features cactus-like structures that are interconnected, as well as bridges, nets, and climbing obstacles.

Climb up the tallest cactus to take a thrilling ride down the tube slide attached or enjoy the swings beneath its inviting shade. ‚Ä謆

Instead of a climbing wall, children can also try climbing the "climbing cactus" to get an elevated view of the playground and bounce to your hearts enjoyments at the bouncy trampolines available! 


The playgrounds are located around 647A Tampines St 62, Singapore 521647. 


*Photo Credits: Playpoint Singapore



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