Sentosa’s Newest Attraction Central Beach Bazaar Has Opened!

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The Central Beach Bazaar pioneers a day-to-night carnival beach experience on Sentosa.

Venue: Central Beach Bazaar, next to Beach Station
Date: From 15 Sep 2022
Fee: Free & Paid

Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG) is proud to announce the opening of Central Beach Bazaar, a unique day-to-night carnival beach experience of immersive new sights, scents and sounds at the heart of Sentosa’s beaches.

Featuring an 80-metre tall Sentosa SkyJet landmark, a daytime Sentosa Musical Fountain, multi-concept International Food Street, and more, visitors can enjoy nearly all of the attractions within the new family-friendly entertainment and dining destination.

Here's taking a closer look at what you and your family can expect at Sentosa's newest attraction:

International Food Street

Opening Hours: 10.15am to 10pm, daily (last order for food is at 9.30pm)

A vibrant collection of casual food and beverage options is set to make waves on Sentosa with a novel gastronomic experience inspired by some of the best global street eats. International Food Street is a tasty new enclave of eight F&B concepts housed in food trucks, kombi vans and upcycled shipping containers designed in distinctive Memphis-style, with splashes of bright colours and bold structural patterns making International Food Street a feast for both the palate and the eyes.

Street grub are presented in a convenient, grab-and-go style, so visitors can savour them while enjoying the captivating shows of the Sentosa Musical Fountain and Wings of Time or while continuing their adventures around the island.

Diners will be spoilt for choice with a wide selection of affordable, piquant bites under $10:

Chipper Roll

Relish the best of British classics with treats like Bangers & Mash ($8.80), Fish & Chips ($7.80) and Chicken Pie ($6.80), or opt for a choice of satisfying rolls like Shrimp Scampi Roll ($9.80) and the vegetarian Breaded Corn Rolls ($9.80).


Delight in popular Japanese yakitori with a Southeast Asian flair. Visitors can opt for prix fixe sets or create their own ‚Äúbentos‚ÄĚ for $8.80 and enjoy a furikake rice ball with a choice of four skewers like Tamagoyaki and Chicken Karaage.

Thai Dee

It‚Äôs Bangkok on the beach with these Thai-inspired noodles and fried street snacks. Choose between two sets priced at $6.80 ‚Äď Tom Yum Noodles soup served with crabstick, luncheon meat and seasonal vegetables; or Thai-style Vegetable Noodle soup with seasonal vegetables. For $8.80, guests can create their own noodle cups with a choice of soup base and up to six toppings.

Taco Pau

A food truck mash-up of irresistible Mexican treats with Western and Middle Eastern fillings. Diners start with a choice of wraps like Tortilla or Quesadilla, then customise them from a range of signature fillings ($7.80) like Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Chili Con Carne, or premium options ($9.80) like Lamb Rogan and Potato Kofta with Cashew Gravy.

Masala Wala

From the streets of New Delhi comes a selection of Halal and vegetarian snacks like Punjabi Samosa ($7.80 for three pcs), Paneer Kathi Roll ($7.80) and Aloo Chat ($5.80).

Slurps & Scoops

Family-friendly dessert kiosk hits the spot with sweet treats to beat the heat. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream ($5.80 per cup, $6.80 per waffle cone) or pamper the kids with Candy Floss ($6) and Popcorn ($6). Beverage selections include bottled juices, coffee, smoothies and mocktails.

Mama Shop

A collection of nostalgic and new Singaporean snacks and beverages introduces tourists to local delights and delights locals with a trip down memory lane. Snacks and titbits include ice gems, Merlion biscuits and old-school wafers.

Chipper Roll Seafood Café (to open by end of 2022)

An eighth F&B concept, an indoor air-conditioned Chipper Roll Seafood Café, will open by end of the year to offer oceanic delights in cool comfort.

Housed in one of the stacked shipping containers and designated as a premium viewing gallery, guests enjoy the best seats in the house for the Wings of Time shows while savouring a menu of seafood specialities.

Guests can purchase a Show & Dine combo for $38 to enjoy a luxurious Lobster Roll or Seafood (Scallop & Crab) Roll with chips and a beverage. The combo comes with a Wings of Time ticket and a complimentary entry to watch Sentosa Musical Fountain and the Sentosa SkyJet during the day.

None of the stalls serves pork or lard.

Sentosa SkyJet

Operating Hours: 10am to 5pm, 5.30pm to 7.30pm & 9pm to 10pm, Daily 
Fee: Free

The new Sentosa SkyJet is poised to be a visual marker as visitors arrive on Sentosa’s beaches, hard to miss from kilometres away. At 80 metres tall, equivalent to a 24-storey building, Sentosa SkyJet is the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia. After grabbing a bite at the International Food Street and gaining complimentary entry into the viewing gallery, visitors will witness the Sentosa SkyJet in all its splendour. Its graceful plumes of water are propelled upwards by high-pressure underwater pumps, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle for the perfect photo opportunity.

Stay to the night to view the attraction in a different light as the Sentosa SkyJet lights up to a stunning effect with colour-changing LED lights.

For best views of Sentosa SkyJet, make a minimum spend of $5 per person at
International Food Street to gain entry into the viewing gallery. Entry to the viewing gallery is free for children under 4 years old. 

Do note that the Skyjet does not operate when Sentosa Musical Fountain and Wings of Time shows are running

Sentosa Musical Fountain

Photo Credits: Mount Faber Leisure Group

Operating Hours: Daily (First & last shows start at 11am & 5pm respectively)
Complimentary entry into the main viewing gallery with every minimum spend of $5 at the International Food Street or with every purchase at the Power Boat Racing & Carnival Games, Free entry for children under 4 years

While chowing on scrumptious eats from the International Food Street, visitors can expect new entertainment during the day with the return of the famous Musical Fountain, one of Sentosa’s iconic shows of the early 1980s. The reimagined Sentosa Musical Fountain will perform two alternating five-minute shows. The first is a tribute to the original Musical Fountain, which showcases a score of musical numbers played in the 1990s, like Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me and Walking on Sunshine. The second show is a medley of the nation’s beloved National Day songs like Home and Count on Me Singapore.

Show 1: A Tribute to the Original Sentosa Musical Fountain
11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm

Show 2: Singapore’s National Day Songs
11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm

*Each show is 5 mins. 

Carnival Games & Power Boat Racing

Date: to open by the end of 2022

By year-end, Central Beach Bazaar will debut a final new attraction dedicated to two experiences - simulator rides and carnival games for all ages. The Power Boat Racing simulator ride will offer an adrenaline-pumping and exhilarating thrill of high-speed boat races. The high-resolution speed boat racing game lets players compete for glory while traversing realistic displays of tropical seascapes in real time.

Those who fancy the conviviality of carnivals can step right up for a chance to win huge plushie toy prizes at the Beach Carnival Games, where their dexterity is put to the test with classic games like the Lobster Pot.

Enjoy complimentary entry into the main viewing gallery for Sentosa Musical Fountain with every purchase at the Power Boat Racing and Carnival Games.

Wings of Time

Operating Hours: 7.30pm (Mon - Fri), 7.30pm & 8.30pm (Sat, Sun, Eve of PH & PH)
$23 (Premium) | $18 (Standard)

*From 1 October 2022, show timings will start at 7:40pm and 8:40pm.

After sundown, the popular Wings of Time night show now operates at its full capacity for an audience of 2,750 guests per show. Visitors can opt for $23 premium seats to skip the queue and enjoy the best views of the show or purchase standard tickets at $18.

[Promotion] Enjoy 10% off Wings of Time tickets & free entry to Sentosa Musical Fountain & Sentosa SkyJet

To enjoy 10% off Wings of Time tickets, simply book in advance on MFLG’s website. Wings of Time ticket holders receive a complimentary entry to the main viewing gallery for Sentosa Musical Fountain and Sentosa SkyJet during the day.

For more information on Central Beach Bazaar, please visit this link, or follow MFLG on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


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