Review: All You Need To Know About the 6D5N Cruise with Resorts World Cruises - Land Tours, Food Options and Tip for Families!

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Wondering what you can expect at a 6D5N cruise with Resorts World Cruises? Read on for our experience and tips! 

We recently embarked on a 6D5N cruise on the Genting Dreams with Resorts World Cruises, with stops at Port Klang, Penang, and Phuket. If you're wondering what to expect from the cruise, here are our thoughts and tips for families seeking to create a memorable and enjoyable experience onboard!

*This cruise experience was sponsored by Resorts World Cruises but the sharing are our own. 

Where Did We Travel To

We embarked on the 6D5N cruise from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre with stops at Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Penang, and Phuket. Families can enjoy specially curated shore excursions at each port of call to make the most of their time on the cruise.

The cruise concluded back at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

Genting Dream Boarding Process

During our boarding experience, we found that the additional health measures had been removed, making the process smoother. Families can check-in from 1.30 pm, and upon arrival at the cruise centre, you will go through security screening before being assigned your Boarding Group, which determines the sequence of boarding.

One person in the group can proceed to the counters, which may be manned or self-service, to check-in with all the passports while the rest of the family members wait in the designated waiting area on the 2nd floor. 

After checking in, you will receive a room key card that doubles as a payment method onboard - be sure to keep it safe! 

You will wait at the waiting area until your boarding group is called and you can proceed to the Singapore Immigration. The entire process is relatively smooth with most of the waiting being seated at the waiting area. Below is a timeline of our experience

  • 2.15 pm: Arrived at Marina Bay Cruise Centre
  • Received Boarding Group 3B (ranging from 1A to 1E, 2A to 2E, etc.)
  • Approx. 3 pm: First group started boarding
  • Approx. 4 pm: Our group started boarding and reached our room by 4.30 pm

Families may still have to wait if you arrive early. However, we still recommend arriving early to be one of the first to board the ship and start using the facilities. Overall, we found the boarding experience to be efficient and hassle-free.

Boarding The Genting Dream

After passing through immigration, families will proceed to the gangway, where family photos can be taken with the ship in the background. Don't worry if you missed the opportunity, there are other better photo opportunities during your land excursions.

As there are ports of call during the cruise, it's important to note that you may be required to "surrender" your passport when boarding to facilitate immigration clearance at each venue.

Finally, you will need to tap your card to board the ship.

The Genting Dream Balcony Stateroom

Our stay in the Genting Dream Balcony Stateroom with 2 single beds was a delightful experience. The room included a large balcony that was great for hanging clothes to dry, and a nicely sized bathroom. We also appreciated the provision of 3-pin plugs (like in Singapore) and USB ports for our chargers.

In-room amenities such as a fridge, hair dryer, safe, hot water flask, complimentary tea and coffee, and bottled water were available. Additionally, the room came equipped with a 2-in-1 shampoo / body foam, as well as toothbrush and toothpaste for our convenience.

While we were provided two side-by-side rooms, there was no connecting door, which made going between the rooms a bit of a hassle as each key card could only open one room. 

Land Excursions

Families can choose from a variety of land excursions at each port-of-call. It's important to note that these excursions/transfer services can only be booked onboard at Lobby Deck 6. We recommend that you head to Lobby Deck 6 on the day of boarding to make enquiries and bookings. 

On the day of your excursion or if you plan to leave the cruise, you will gather at the designated meeting point at the stated meeting time (usually 8 am). The meeting points are typically the Silk Road Chinese Restaurant or the Zodiac Theatre.

At each port-of-call, each guest will be given a sticker that identifies their tour and the bus they should board. It's important to follow your group and keep your sticker visible throughout the excursion. Resorts World Cruises staff and tour guides will be available to guide each group.

*While we were informed that booking can only be done on-board, we found a listing on Klook for pre-boarding booking. You may wish to check this out. 

Port Klang

The first stop on the 6D5N Genting Dream cruise with Resorts World Cruises is at Port Klang in Kuala Lumpur. When disembarking at the Port Klang Cruise Terminal, you will be reminded to return to the ship before 3 pm. Don't forget to keep an eye on the time and return to the ship on time to avoid any inconvenience.

Our excursion at Port Klang was to Pulau Ketam. We started with a bus ride to a smaller jetty where we boarded a boat and set off to sea. During the boat ride, we had the chance to spot eagles and watch the guide feed them before arriving at a kelong in the middle of the sea. The tour continued with a visit to Pulau Ketam and culminated in a delicious seafood feast.

We returned to the cruise in the same manner and made it back on board before the 3 pm deadline.

Note: while the tour is really interesting as we don't usually get to visit a kelong. It is in our opinion not suitable for younger kids, older folks or others who have mobility difficulties as there are lots of climbing when you embark and disembark the boats from the jetties. 


The next day, you will arrive at Penang's Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal. As you disembark, take the opportunity to snap a nice close-up picture of the cruise and grab a wefie with your family with the ship as the backdrop.

Similarly, you will be reminded to return to the ship by 3 pm. 

Our first stop in Penang was Penang Hill, where we boarded the Penang Hill Railway. During our visit, masks were still required to ride the railway. The land excursion package included Fast Lane priority tickets for the Penang Hill Railway, so we were more likely to get a front cabin with a great view (and for taking videos) while ascending and descending the hill. From the top, we enjoyed a bird's-eye view of the surrounding area.

Next, we headed to Penang Road for lunch where we tried Penang's famous Chendol and Char Kway Teow. Our tour package includes a plate of Char Kway Teow and a bowl of Chendol, but if you wish to try other dishes, you will need to pay extra.

The last destination of the day was THE TOP Penang, where we had the chance to visit the Level 65 Observatory Deck. For the adventurous, there was also an option to try The Gravityz's outdoor course, but it's not for the faint-hearted! The glass floor at the deck is a popular spot for photos, and you can also head up to Level 68 for the Rainbow Skywalk, an open-air experience similar to Level 65.

At Level 1, there's a supermarket where you can purchase other items you may need. After this, we boarded the bus and headed back to the pier.


The final port of call on the 6D5N cruise is at Phuket. If you're disembarking, you'll board a smaller boat to head towards Patong Beach jetty. We highly recommend taking a seat on the upper deck as you will get an opportunity to capture a nice picture of Genting Dream at sea.

The return timing at Phuket is at 7 pm, and we also recommend taking an evening picture of the ship as the sun sets too.

Once you arrive at Patong Beach, you will step onto a small pavement that can get crowded quickly as more people disembark. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your little ones while looking out for your guide. Due to the road conditions, you will be led to a carpark about 5-10 minutes away by foot to board your bus. There is also a restroom available here that we recommend using as the entry is paid as part of the tour.

From there, we traveled to Promthep Cape, which offers a breathtaking view of the ocean. However, be sure to watch out for the monkeys!

After visiting Promthep Cape, we then headed to a Traditional Thai Cultural House for lunch. Here, we had the opportunity to participate in various traditional activities and even try on traditional Thai costumes (available at 200 baht per person).

After the traditional Thai house, we continued our tour with a visit to Woo Gallery, a Peranakan museum, and Baan 92, where we learned to cook Hokkien mee and make Ang Gu Kueh in Phuket Old Town. We then stopped by a snack wholesaler where we could purchase local snacks before heading to a shopping mall for some shopping!

The last part of the tour was free and easy at Patong Beach, and our guide informed us that the amount of time we could spend there depended on how quickly we went through the itinerary. We could also choose to return to the cruise ship at any time using the smaller boats, which ferry passengers in 30-minute intervals.

Food Onboard - Inclusive

To enjoy your meals on the cruise, you can head to The Lido, located on Deck 16, which is the main buffet restaurant serving Halal and Vegetarian certified meals. Alternatively, you can dine at the Dream Dining Room Lower for a Western menu or Dream Dining Room Upper for a Chinese menu.

If The Lido is full, you may need to queue for a seat. However, at the Dream Dining Rooms, they will use a queue number system. Take a queue number with a specific timing and return when it's time. We suggest returning earlier as they will skip numbers if the group is not yet present! 

We highly recommend heading to the Dream Dining Room Lower for your meals on the cruise. The Western menu offered exceeded our expectations for each meal, except for breakfast where they serve the same food as The Lido. Additionally, you can order multiple mains if one isn't enough, which is great for kid with growing appetites!

However, we had multiple experiences at the Dream Dining Rooms where they don't inform you when last order is approaching (even allowing us to enter for our meal). We were only informed after being seated and before our food was served, which was a bit inconvenient if you intended to have a longer meal. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the last order timings as we didn't take note of it.

If you or the kids need a snack between meal times, head over to The Lido Outdoor Snacks Corner just outside of The Lido for some light bites, including porridge in the evenings.

Food Onboard - Specialty Restaurants

The cruise also features a range of specialty restaurants that require an additional fee for dining. Depending on your sailing, some of these restaurants can get fully booked quickly. It's advisable to make a reservation as soon as you board the ship on the first day. The reservation desk is located on Deck 6.

The specialty restaurants onboard are

  • Bistro by Reinhard Mammes, serves western cuisine in a more atas setting
  • Blue Lagoon, serves local fares, like a hawker centre concept
  • Hotpot, a hotpot restaurant
  • Silk Road Palace, a Chinese restaurant
  • Umi Uma Teppanyaki, a Teppanyaki restaurant

If you're looking for a special dining experience on the cruise, we highly recommend Umi Uma Teppanyaki. It's our top pick, but keep in mind that reservations may fill up quickly. Bistro is also a great option, but it comes in second place, not because it's not good, but because Umi Uma is just that amazing!

Captain's Bridge Tour

We highly recommend taking the Captain's Bridge Tour, especially if it includes the Helipad Experience (not available on every cruise). During the tour, you'll have the opportunity to visit the bridge, where the boat is steered, and learn more about the various equipment. With the Helipad Experience, you'll even get to step onto the helipad and take photos, which is a unique and unforgettable experience.

You can book this tour on your boarding day at Deck 6.

Wifi Connection

There is WiFi available onboard, and you can purchase it by connecting to the RW Cruises WiFi network, scanning the QR codes around the ship or in your room, or visiting and selecting the plan that you need.

However, even with the Premium WiFi plan, don't expect to be able to stream shows or play games. If you plan to use your social media platforms, we suggest getting the Premium WiFi plan.

TIP: The 2 device option allows for two devices to be connected to the internet simultaneously. However, if you do not mind switching between devices, you can choose the 1 device option and log in to switch the connection between devices easily.

In Conclusion

The 6D5N cruise is packed with activities, and we don't recommend families to go on every land excursion (meeting at 8 am for three consecutive days can be quite tiring). We suggest picking the excursion that suits your family the most and spending the other days onboard the ship.

There are many other aspects of the cruise that we have not covered, including the gym, spa, pool and activities onboard. But we highly recommend going on the Captain's Bridge Tour with Helipad Experience.

When it comes to food, we suggest arriving early for meals and definitely trying the Dream Dining Room Lower. For special occasions, Umi Uma is a must-try, unless you're looking for a romantic setting, in which case Bistro is the way to go.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience onboard, with little queuing required for any of the activities we took part in. This includes having our meals, playing at the water slides, and using the amenities, except for the jacuzzis.

Feel free to drop us a message or head over to our IG Highlights to get more details too! 

To book, check the latest cruise dates and promotions on Klook.



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