Pirates Ahoy! On The Royal Albatross: Sail Like A Pirate with the Family

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Pirates Ahoy! is a new pirate-themed family-friendly experience with the crew onboard The Royal Albatross! 

Venue: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Dates: Selected Days
Admission: Adult $125++/ Child $95++

Ahoy there, mateys! If you're seeking a thrilling family adventure that combines the excitement of a pirate voyage with activities for the little ones, look no further than Pirates Ahoy! on the Royal Albatross. 

Onboard the Only Tall Ship in Asia Pacific

The Royal Albatross is the only Tall Ship in the Asia Pacific, this magnificent vessel is one of a kind and not found anywhere in the world. The ship is handcrafted using 100 year-old hardwood and equipped with 4 Masts, 22 Sails and 200 Ropes! 

Let the Pirate Adventures Begin! 

Your adventure will begins with a warm welcome from the energetic buccaneer crew. Remove your shoes to enter the deck, and young pirates-in-training were given individual name tags and a chocolate gold coin, setting the tone for an exciting journey ahead.

You can sense the excitement the moment you board the ship! Looking to up the experience - come dressed in full pirate attire to immerse in the experience! 

Once onboard, you will be guided to the top deck to enjoy a basket of snacks and a drink. You will feel the gentle waves as the ship leaves its dock and makes a round trip around the southern islands and back to Sentosa!

All Hands on Deck! 

A pirate got to do what a pirate got to! Soon the little ones were required to hoist the sails on the upper deck! Working together as a crew, kids will be put into teams to compete against each other in raising the sail! 

Once that is done, families can head to the lower deck (air-conditioned) enjoy more pirate-themed activities, including singing pirate songs, getting your fake tattoos, and also having more desserts!

Little ones will also be given a chance to create their own pirate ship! They will be given a huge cardboard box to climb into and to colour and decorate it as it is!

The kids will end the activities with a treasure box hunt where they are rewarded with individual sweet bags! 

Be A Certified Pirate

After all the fun, our little pirates will be awarded with a Pirate Cadet certificate by the ship's captain! The entire experience take approximate 1.5 hour before returning to Sentosa - and now, your family has a certified pirate! 

Things to Note

Each adult may accompany up to 2 children (4 - 12 years old) on the experience, and toddlers need to be tagged with parents using a harness too. 

We also advice parents and kids who may get seasick to take seasick pills before boarding. 

Fees and Details

The Pirates Ahoy! experience is available at selected timings, do check Royal Albatross for the latest schedule, and is priced at $125++ for adults and $95++ for children. 

The Tall Ship Royal Albatross Home Berth is adjacent to Sea Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa. 


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