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Motion Art Space is a new art jamming venue with a twist! Here, families can create masterpieces with help from science! 

Venue: 36A Arab Street (Level 2), Singapore 199735
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun (11 am - 10 pm)
Pricing: from $59

Located along Arab Street is a new Art Jamming venue, Motion Art Space, that offers pendulum and spin painting where you will create art using the laws of gravity and Newtons First Law. 

Do You Remember? Newtons First Law - an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by another force. 

What To Expect

The idea is simple, attach a squeeze bottle (with a color of your choosing) to a pendulum-like setup hanging above your canvas. Lift the pendulum and let it go as it swings across your canvas creating coloured lines across your canvas. 

Take it up a notch! The tables come with an adjustable spinning mechanics that allows your canvas to spin while you create a more sophisticated design! Use different colours to create an art-piece like from a kaleidoscope!

The paints used are non-toxic and safe for kids. In fact, most of them are water-soluble and should easily wash off your clothes. If you are still worried, make sure to use the shoe covers and aprons provided! Once you are done, you can wash up the kids at the washroom located at the back of the store before leaving.

Note that you won't be bringing back your art piece immediately. Instead, it will be left in the shop to dry for 2 to 3 days. You can make schedule a date to pick-up your artwork after. 

What To Wear

While most of the paints are water-soluble, meaning it can be easily washed off, we still advice that you come in dark coloured clothing and nothing too new or fancy. Especially with the kids, you don't really know where the paint might end up on!

Time Slots 

Each session is strictly an hour. You can make a booking at Motion Art Space. 

Pricing Details

There are several packages available. You may be keen on one of the following

  • Basic Package:¬†40x60cm canvas, 4x 100ml regular paint & selections of equipment @ $69
  • Date Night:¬†2x¬†40x60cm¬†canvas, 8x 100ml regular paint, 2x 100ml special paint & selections of equipment @ $129
  • Child Only (12 yrs and below):¬†38x46cm canvas,¬† 3x 100ml regular paint & selections of equipment @ $59
  • Parent / Child (12 yrs and below):¬†8x46cm¬†& 40x60cm canvas, 7x100ml regular paint, 1x 100ml special paint & selections of equipment @ $119

How To Get There

Motion Art Space is located at 36A Arab Street at Level 2. The nearest MRT stations are Bugis and Nicoll Highway.


*Photo and Video Credits: Motion Art Space


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