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Our Music Studio is a music school located at Tanglin Mall for kids from 4 months old! 

Let Our Music Studio's Experienced, dedicated and well trained educators help your kid embark an amazing journey of musical discovery through the Music Learning Process (a systematic approach based on Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Kodaly frameworks). 


  • ÔĽŅGain¬†EXPOSURE¬†to a wide repertoire of music genres
  • INTERNALIZE¬†the music through activities that teach¬†basic rudiments of music
  • EXPRESS¬†the learned skills through¬†body movement (dance, body percussion), instrument play &¬†exploration,¬†vocalization (singing, chanting) &¬†ensemble playing
  • IMPROVISE¬†and create your very own addition¬†to the piece of music you heard

Our Music Studio


  • Musical Babes
    • Suitable for 4 - 18 mths¬†
    • View Schedule here.¬†
    • Our Music Studio is the place to start the journey of possibilities with your child. Here in the Musical Babes Class, you will learn how to stimulate your child‚Äôs learning through vocal play, object/instrument exploration and creative movement.

      You will find yourselves dancing, singing, giggling and enjoying every movement of our repertoire of songs, rhymes, baby exercises and dances. The strong bond that comes naturally from participating in our Musical Babes Class is one that will last a lifetime and gives your child a solid foundation to grow into a secure, confident and happy child.

  • Rhythmic Tots
    • Suitable for 18 mths - 3 years old
    • View Schedule here.¬†
    • The Rhythmic Tots class is a musical world filled with singing, imitating sounds, rhyming and sound identification, instrument exploration, and creative movement. These activities develop your toddler‚Äôs vocabulary, listening skills, gross and fine motor skills as well as musicianship. Your child will also be acquiring pre-reading skills in our interactive story time. This programme is designed to help¬†your toddler gain confidence, self-control and communication skills while having fun!
  • Melodic Kids
    • Suitable for 3 - 4.5 years old
    • View Schedule here.¬†
    • Possibilities abound for exploring music and movement with the 3 to 4.5 year olds as they are full of imagination, enthusiasm, spontaneity and curiosity! Thus our programme is designed to enable these preschoolers to learn the various elements of music (i.e. pitch, rhythm, tone, form, tempo and dynamics) through instrument play, drama, dance/movement, games and literature.
  • Young Musicians
    • Suitable for 4.5 - 6 years old
    • View Schedule here
    • With a keen intellect, the kindergarteners are ready for more challenging tasks in musicianship building. Our integrated learning approach emphasizes the teaching of the rudiments of music (i.e. Notation which includes: the clefs, line notes and space notes, time signatures, treble stave notes.) Famous composers and their works are also featured. This programme has 4 levels and different instruments, namely glockenspiels, ukulele and recorders, are taught at every level.

      Our Young Musicians programme lays the foundation for the kindergarteners to appreciate the arts and to help them prepare for formal musical pursuits.

Visit Our Music Studio's website for more details on the programmes available. 

Our Music Studio



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