Kingfisher Wetlands @ Gardens by the Bay | A New Nature Sanctuary For Families

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The Kingfisher Wetlands features water cascades and streamlets for biodiversity to flourish and the Wildlife Lookout deck lets you spot birds, reptiles and other animals bustling all around. 

Venue: Gardens by the Bay, next to Satay by the Bay
Opening Hours: 5 am - 2 am
Admission: Free

The latest attraction at the Gardens by the Bay, the Kingfisher Wetlands is a new freshwater sanctuary that opens your eyes to a flourishing diversity of exotic flora and fauna. Located next to Satay by the Bay, the wetlands allows for families to enjoy a leisure stroll after a hearty meal! 

Improvements To Original Site

The original site was a popular bird-watching spot for the birding community and nature photographers but was often missed by the general public. Thus the new Kingfisher Wetlands was developed to improve accessibility and to create new nature areas for visitors to explore.

New Features

Occupying 15,000 sqm (slightly bigger than the size of 2 football pitches), the Kingfisher Wetlands is divided into 3 zones, Natural Rock & Main Cascades, King Fisher Cascades and Wildlife Lookout. 

These zone connects two existing water bodies, the Lotus Pond and Kingfisher Lake and allows visitors to enjoy the view of the newly-created water cascades and streamlets that connect the water bodies. 

The Wildlife Lookout also features educational signage, and several large kingfisher sculptures to keep the little ones occupied and for many family photos to be taken! 

Spotting Wildlife

Collared Kingfisher

16 out of 40 migratory bird species spotted in Singapore are known to have stopped by the Kingfisher Wetlands. Several of Singapore’s nine Kingfisher species are known to visit, such as the White-collared Kingfisher and Common Kingfisher, and even rarer guests such as the White-breasted Waterhen, Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker, and Lesser Whistling Ducks.

Smooth-coated Otter

Families should also keep a lookout for the large diversity of wildlife, which include the smooth-coated otter, lesser whistling duck, and Malayan monitor lizard.


The wetlands is located along the waterfront promenade of Gardens by the Bay, which is next to Satay by the Bay and near the upcoming Gardens by the Bay MRT station.


*Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay



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