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KidZania Singapore offers a premier interactive experience for kids! There will be a special reopening special of 50% off tickets! 

Venue: 31 Beach View, #01-01/02 Palawan Kidz City, Sentosa Island 098008
Opening Hours: Thu - Tue, 10 am - 6 pm (Closed on Wed)
Admission: from $41

Spanning 7,600 square metres across two levels, KidZania Singapore is like a mini-town for kids where work is play and play is work! It is indeed a unique experience that can be enjoyed by many! 

This review is written after a quick media tour of the KidZania Singapore's reopening and a fuller review will be provided later after we have explore the space. Read on for a 50% off promotion for the reopening!

Concept of KidZania 

It is pretend play amplified! KidZania is in essence an indoor theme park of a mini-town where kids can role-play at real-world job to earn play money, and to spend them to play at the town! 

Newly Reopened



For parents with older kids, you may be aware that KidZania Singapore was operating pre-COVID and closed during the period. Under the new management of Sim Leisure Group, Kidzania Singapore will reopen its doors on 16 May 2024. Marking a brand new start for the attraction.

KidZania Singapore now boasts 41 branded establishments, offering a diverse mix of international brands, regional market leaders, and local favourites.

With Sim Leisure Group's success in running KidZania Kuala Lumpur, we look forward to a wonderful interactive experience for kids and parents. 

Kidzania 5.0

The revamped KidZania will be Kidzania 5.0, the 5th iteration in Kidzania's evolution. Introducing a fresh perspective on the world of professions and focus on developing futures cities and citizens with a sustainability-centric lens. 

In a press release shared earlier, it mentioned that Kidzania will aligned with new job opportunities of the future, some new offerings include YouTube Entrepreneur, Animation Studio and Makers Space. There are also new roles ranging from being programmers or game developers in the technology industry to becoming a sustainability engineer in the green industry, children will explore a spectrum of future-focused career paths gaining valuable insights along the way.

We spotted Nikon offering a photography experience, Kiss92FM offering a DJ experience and The Lab with a coder experience.  

New Purpose Partners 

At the heart of KidZania are its purpose partners. Children get to engage in unique experiences brought by the purpose partners as they learn, play and imagine, in a self-contained real-life environment.

Partners operating in KidZania (as at May 2024) are Malaysia Airlines, CIMB Singapore, Shopee and global fashion brand, H&M. Well-known local brands include Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips, The Intan Peranakan Museum, The Straits Times, MediaCorp Studios and more.

Malaysia Airlines will brand the existing plane within KidZania's cityscape serving as the official airline partner for the entertainment hot-spot. The partnership will see fresh and intriguing programmes, aimed at exposing children to air travel's nuances and endless possibilities of career paths within the airline industry. By integrating real-life scenarios and professions, Malaysia Airlines seeks to introduce children to various aspects of aviation, such as piloting, cabin crew responsibilities, and ground handling.

Families can look forward to HA Launchpad introducing an overnight experience for kids to enjoy while incorporating the opportunity for them to build independence too! 

Children can also be involved in the e-commerce industry through packing and delivery at the Shopee zone, helping them understand what goes on behind the scenes for each item purchased online. 

Returning Favourite

KidZania continues to offer the very popular Fireman truck and rescue mission with the SCDF. Here, kids get to don fireman uniforms, board a fire truck and fight a fire too! Other exciting fun includes the high-elements and wall-climbing experiences too. 

Kids can also join Parkway East Hospital in the emergency room and to head outside the hospital walls to help sick / injured people on the streets. 

The new bank to store your money at, is CIMB Bank. Kids will experience opening an account, depositing and withdrawing money like the real world! Located beside the bank is the KidZania Police Division, with the SPF logo included, where kids can take part in criminal investigations! 

Other popular activities at the previous iteration of KidZania Singapore were the food-related ones (you could eat what you made). Now, kids can engage in roles such as a Snacks Confectioner at the Irvin’s Chips Factory, participating in baking cookies at Kith café, learn how to prepare bubble tea at Tea Social Café, and visit Yakult (which is still located on the 2nd level).

In our recent visit, we managed to take part in the Irvin's Chips Factory where we learnt to make and pack out own packet of Irvin's Chips, and bringing back our own chips after the activity! 

Beyond the experiences, families can expect performances, singing and dancing throughout the day. So catch the marching band and follow them through the streets of Kidzania Singapore.

A full list of activities is available here. 

Activity Details

Much of the activities centre around KidZos, the official currency of KidZania Singapore and KidZanias all around the world. Kids can earn more kidZos by working at selected establishments (activities), while other activities require kids to spend kidZos. Each child will receive 50 kidZos when they enter.

Look out for the Census Boards, located outside each establishment, providing detailed information for each role-play activity. Refer to the Census Board for to get an overview on the activity's requirements, restrictions, rewards and benefits.

Selected activities at KidZania Singapore operate in allocated time sessions and require prior reservation before participating in the activity. This is implemented in order to manage queues and minimise queue times at busier establishments. These include:

  1. SCDF Fire Station
  2. Malaysia Airlines Aviation Academy
  3. Parkway East Pediatric Urgent Care Hospital
  4. SPF Police Station

To book a slot for your kid:

  1. Head over to the establishment of your kid's choice. Your kid must be present.
  2. Register your kid's name with the Zupervisor
  3. Inform the preferred session time to the Zupervisor


Entry to KidZania Singapore will be facilitated through biometric scanning. Simplifying the process for visitors who have purchased tickets online. 

KidZania Singapore will implement an online dynamic pricing system upon reopening. Ticket prices start from SGD41 and vary according to age group. Visitors are encouraged to purchase tickets at www.kidzania.com.sg from 13 May 2024.

A common question is what age is Kidzania Singapore recommended for. We will recommend this for 4 to 12 years old but this may differ according to each family. 

50% Off Promotion

Use the Grand Re-opening Promocode on 13 May 2024, KZ1605 and a 50% discount will be applicable to all tickets purchased from 13 May for visits up to 31 May 2024.




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