iWan Studio: Singapore’s Newest and Largest Selfie Studio

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Located at Aljunied, the photography venue is divided into 11 distinct zones with over 20 themes. The studio also added an AI-enabled self-photography system for quick and easy photos!

Venue: 12 Aljunied Road, #05-01, KH Plaza, Singapore 389801
Opening hours: 11 am - 10 pm (Mon - Sun)
Fee: From $29.90/hour per person
Admission is free for children below 6 years 

Spanning over 6,000 square feet, iWan Studio offers an immersive self-photography experience for anyone who enjoys taking photos as a keepsake or sharing them with friends on social media.

11 Distinct Zones with Over 20 Themes

The spacious studio is divided into 11 distinct zones with over 20 themes, each with elaborate set-up, that allow customers to be immersed in the experience and different environments and scenes. 

With over 100 photogenic corners, including Black and White 2D Illustration, Break-up Museum, Luxe Dining, Oriental Chic, and Space Tunnel, patrons are sure to be spoilt for choice.

Each zone is beautifully set up with elaborate backdrops and props to create different ambiences, moods and characters play. Customers can unleash inner fantasies by opting for retro, romantic or even futuristic themes for their photoshoots. All zones are equipped with softbox lighting and mobile phone stand for customers to use.

The themes of the zones will be changed periodically so as to always keep the venue exciting and fresh for the studio's patrons.

For a fully immersive experience, iWan also offers over 200 outfits and an extensive range of accessories so that customers can dress up to complement the themes. Customers can also opt for makeup and styling services available at the studio.

Thematic Zones

90s Hong Kong

Hong Kong 90s movie lovers must not miss this theme! A truly retro room, complete with vintage posters of famous celebrities, a rotary dial telephone and furniture, that bring the 90s vibe to life. This room also features wall-to-wall mahjong tiles wallpaper and a mahjong table set to allow customers to act out that ‚Äúwinning‚ÄĚ cinematic moment.

Black and White 2D Illustration

This zone is set up in a 2D illustration style with a white backdrop and black marker lines. It creates a cool optical illusion as if you have stepped into a comic book.

Break-up Museum

Inspired by the movie ‚ÄúLove Is Not Blind‚ÄĚ, directed by Huatao Teng, you can rent a safe compartment to leave your ex's belongings in it. After 33 days, you can choose to take back the belongings or have them disposed.

Classroom & Tuck-shop

The perfect theme to relive your teenage days and re-enact those fun and funny high school classroom moments. There are also nostalgic childhood snacks in the tuck-shop area within the room that customers can purchase!

Floral Parisian Garden

Enjoy the lush greenery in an indoor setting akin to a Parisian Garden. You can play picnic or have an afternoon high-tea session with friends.

Girly Pink Room

Unleash the little girl in you as you enter into the world of pretty in pink. Complete with a ball pit, claw machines and two giant Barbie doll boxes, it is the perfect place to feel all cutesy and girly once again!

Luxe Dining

Inspired by the movie ‚ÄúCrazy Rich Asians‚ÄĚ, the dining room, complete with a chandelier, has an extravagant dinner set-up and is ready to welcome guests in their ballgowns and tuxedos. This room can also double up as a function room for a gathering of five as it comes with audio-visual equipment too!

Magical Moonlight

This popular room features a magical nightscape with four enchanting backdrops for customers to immerse themselves in the world of fairy tales and lights. Experience winter or fly to the moon, or whatever you fancy in a pretty gown.

Match-Making Room

Sick of swiping online for a date? How about trying your luck to find your fated love in this room? Here, you can pick any jar displayed in the compartment according to the person’s horoscope sign. Each jar contains a written note by the person, along with his or her contact details, for you to make a connection.

Oriental Chic

Come and dress up in the yukatas provided to relive memories of holidaying in spring-time Japan with the pretty sakura backdrop and dainty parasols, while fans of periodic dramas can don traditional hanfu (śĪČśúć) and be transported back to the Ancient China period with the stunning backdrop and props found in this room as well.

Space Tunnel

A popular spot amongst customers, this cool, futuristic tunnel backdrop with a 3-metre-long LED floor screen takes your selfie game up a few notches and the result of the photos or videos are simply breath-taking. Or should we say, out of this world!

AI-enabled Self-Photography System

The studio launches an Artificial Intelligence-enabled self-photography system for customers to take different types of photos like passport / ID photos to corporate portraits in just minutes. 

Equipped with motion sensor for easy photo capture and AI cloud engine editing software that digitally enhances the photos, the system is pre-programmed with optimised lighting and six coloured backdrops, namely white,  black, grey, beige, blue and green. 

For fun and immersive personality selfies, there are 20 different pre-set templates to choose from, including Romantic Teens, Amore Moderna, Crimso Red, Pristine Moon, Lady in Pink, Lovely Home, Puppy Love, Space Walker and many more. The system is able to accommodate a maximum of five people in one photo

Creative Workspace

Besides being a selfie studio, iWan is also a creative workspace to inspire the creativity and productivity of content creators. iWan Studio welcomes them to produce short clips and music videos at the venue.

In addition, customers can book iWan Studio for special events or occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, solemnisation and wedding proposals. The iWan Studio team is also able to customise the venue’s decor based on customers’ requirements or themes.

Price List

Admission is free for children below 6 years old while children aged 6 to 12 years enjoy 50 per cent off admission.

Price per person:

  • Monday - Friday: $29.90/hour
  • Saturaday - Sunday & Public Holidays: $35.90/hour

Price for AI Photo Session

  • ID & Passport Photo (4 printed copies): $19.90
  • Corporate Portrait (2 refined digital copies and 1 4R printed copy): $45.90
  • Fun Selfie (2 refined digital copies and 1 4R printed copy): $45.90 (1 pax) / $69.90 (2 pax)
  • Personality Selfie (4¬†refined digital copies and¬†2 4R printed copy): $69.90 (1 pax) / $99.90 (2 pax) / $159.90 (3 - 5 pax)


Image credits iWan Studio 



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