Gillman Barrack's Playground - Treehouse and Obstacle Course

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Located beside Carpark A, the Gillman Barrack's Playground consist of a main Treehouse structure, mini-obstacle course, and more for little ones! 


Venue: 9 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108937
Opening Hours: TBC
Admission: Free

The Gillman Barracks playground is located beside Carpark A, in front of Block 9. It is close by to the many restaurants in the area and can serve as a before and after meal play venue for families! 

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Treehouse Structure

The one of the main structure at the playground is a tall tower for the adventurous ones to climb on to! This "treehouse" can be accessed via the climbing wall or cargo net, and little ones can exit via the 2 slides too - and for the older or gung-ho ones, there is also a fireman's pole too! 

Mini Obstacle Course

The other main structure is a mini-obstacle course consisting of ramp, tunnel, nettings and more. It is a  relatively simple structure that is open to the imagination of the little ones to make use of. 

Swings and See-saws


Kids may also enjoy themselves at the set of swings, see-saw and spring riders too. 

What To Bring

The playground benefits from being partially shaded by a big tree as well as having the building beside for parents to rest at. There also also benches around the playground to rest your feed. 

However, the main play area is not shaded, and thus we encourage parents to bring sunscreen or hats for the young ones. Mosquito repellant, water bottles and a change of clothes or small towel are essentials in our opinion too. 


The Gillman Barracks Playground is located inside... Gillman Barracks. Its address is 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937. 

It is nearby to Labrador Park, so for those who don't mind a walk, you can alight at Labrador MRT to Gillman Barracks, approx. 15 - 20 mins. 


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