Fernvale Acres Playground - Meet The Family Cow Farm!

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Come on down to the Cow Farm Playground at Fernvale Acres, and meet with the Cow family! 

Venue: 402A Fernvale Lane, Singapore 791402
Admission: Free

Head down to the latest playground to be installed at Fernvale Acres in September 2021. This Cow Farm playground will definitely make you want to mooooo with joy! 

Meet The Cow Family

Located inside the Fernvale Acres housing estate, families can bring your little ones to meet with the Cow Family at this exciting little playground! Discover Mummy Cow, Boy Cow and Girl Cow, each with different play features such as climbing equipment, hammock lounges and hidden nets (great for a game of hide and seek)! 

Girl Cow is even on springs! Not to spring away, but great for kids to climb and bounce on her! 

Other Play Features

Standing tall is a 3-tower treehouse connected by a wobbly bridge and 2 slides too! Little ones will have fun testing their balance and climbing skills!

You will also find a little trampoline and a roundabout pole for the kids to swing round and round and round! 

Fairytale Toddler Playground

Photo Credits: Playpoint Asia

You will also find a fairytale toddler's playground for the younger ones to have fun at too! The figures and shapes are associated with different fantasy worlds and are great for kids with wild imaginations! 

Imagine being a princess in the tower, the duckling in the water or whatever they can think of! The play equipment is full of interactive panels for them to explore and explore!

But what's most interesting is that at the playground, you will find QR codes to access a digital world of eBooks and games. Perhaps a little cooldown activity before heading home? 

*Playgrounds at the housing estates are really upping their game with themed play features and integration with fitness corners for adults. Check out a whole list of free outdoor playgrounds too!

Hear From Parents! 

We first noticed this playground from this sharing from @daddywongkee! Hear what he has to say about this 

"Jo sweated buckets climbing up and down the treehouse that’s connected by a wobbly bridge and came with two slides. What caught his attention too were the cow family structures that were larger than life… he climbed, he layed and swung on the hammock lounge and navigated in and out of the hidden nets. Try spotting the cow bells when you’re there!! "

Location of Fernvale Acres Playground

Photo Credits: Playpoint Asia

The Fernvale Acres Playground is located in front of Blk 402A Fernvale Lane, Singapore 791402. 


*All photo credits to @daddywongkee unless otherwise stated. 


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